Back in the day, pregnancy announcements did one of two things: pull on your heartstrings or make your teeth hurt because they were so sugary sweet. Couple Jacky Shu and Ben Snyder have officially joined the ranks of soon-to-be parents nailing the baby on board announcements with a more cinematic approach. They pulled from hipster-beloved filmmaker Wes Anderson’s iconic style (think bright pastel colors, quirk for quirk’s sake + an upbeat, slightly folksy soundtrack) to announce the impending arrival of their first baby. What they came up with?

Tell me you wouldn’t watch the heck out of that in theaters.

Their announcement has all the classic Wes Anderson tropes, like maps:

Apathy in the face of adventure:

And a dog wearing sunglasses (not sure if that’s Wes Anderson-esque, but hey, why not?):

Pretty much everything you need for a pregnancy announcement that would make Wes Anderson proud. Get these two (soon to be three!) a movie deal, pronto. There’s one downside, though — now this family’s home videos featuring baby have a lot to live up to. Watch the whole mini-movie pregnancy announcement here:

Would you ever try a super creative pregnancy announcement like this one? Have you made one already? Share with us in the comments below!

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