Listen up, people. We’re in the midst of a curly hair revolution. In a world that resorts to flat ironing and blow drying, curlies have to stand out. We found the best curls on Instagram so you can follow them for daily inspiration and harness your full hair potential. Put down the flat iron, and let’s see how the pros do it.

1. Girl With Curves: Curves and curls, a match made in heaven. Tanesha’s luscious locks are the stuff of dreams.

2. Curly Nikki: Founder of a site by the same name, Curly Nikki doles out styling advice from herself and fellow curly ladies.

3. Fashion Container: Malena is a Dutch Fashion blogger whose long curly locks emphasize her already brilliant style.

4. Lorde: Of course we had to put Lorde on the list. Her trance-like voice and wild mane came out of nowhere and now she’s topping the charts. (Ours is a curly hair chart.)

5. Style Pantry: Blogger Folake Huntoon has some mighty curls and she puts ‘em to work with a new look everyday. From business casual to weekend chic, she puts most #ootd looks to shame.

6. How to be a Redhead: You don’t have to be a redhead to appreciate these great auburn looks for curly and straight alike.

7. Faintly Masculine: Ariel Sansaricq’s curls are of the itty-bitty variety, and oo, does she make it work. Her look is full of boyish charm and we think you’ll love it.

8. Karla Deras: Watch her rock neutrals like she was born in them, and stay true to her curls at the same time. The shape of her cut is an ideal high-fashion look for bigger curls.

9. Solange Knowles: We can’t get enough of her oh-so-fashionable feed. Solange rocks curly hair like no one can, but we’ll keep trying anyway.

10. Coralie Kory: She’s a Paris-dwelling model with insane copper curls and a delicious food blog. It’s an Instagram trifecta.

11. Taylor Swift: The country pop princess herself stole America’s heart with her tunes and her curls. She’s been wearing a straight bob lately, but we’re holding out for the coils to pop back.

12. Natural Belle: Her Instagram and her beauty blog explore all kinds of curly brave looks, and we’re sure her adorable kiddo will grow up to be a curly hair heroine.

13. Sarah Jessica Parker: She’s still kind of new to the world of Instagram, but she’s been a curly hair goddess since the first episode of Sex and City. We’ll follow your locks to the ends of the earth, SJP.

14. Troup Rouge: Model/Fashion Blogger Christina Caradona uses her curly cut for a little edge on her sartorial tomboy style.

15. Beyonce: Queen Bey, even amid your killer dance moves, your top-of-the-chart tunes and your pop star royalty lifestyle, your curls are not lost on us. We bow down.

16. Claire Geist: Another curly girl with a passion for fashion, Claire rocks a curly bob with the best of them.

17. Hey Fran Hey: Francheska’s feed gives you peeks of her YouTube channel that has hair advice and organic DIY beauty recipes out the wazoo.

18. Mr. Kate: Kate Albrecht is the lady behind the Mr. Kate brand and she nails the hipster/hippie look with perfect free-styling curls.

19. Bum Cake: Christiana is a vintage treasure hunter, modeling her finds for her Etsy shop and making us jealous of her mighty mane at the same time.

20. Minnie Driver: Elegance knows no hair like Minnie Driver’s. Get glimpses behind the scenes of her new show About A Boy, while drooling over her iconic locks.

21. Amused Blog: Her curls floweth over. Style blogger and curly girl Amber knows how to do curls right.

22. Alicia Keys: She’s a master of (piano :) keys and curls, and her Instagram is a backstage pass to both.

23. Lost in Daydreams: Eat your heart out. Olga is an Italian blogger who knows how to work a wardrobe and her lovely ringlets.

24. Delightfully Tacky: A big-hair blogger with curls that are downright braggable.

25. Elaine Welteroth: Teen Vogue’s Beauty and Health Director really knows how to rock a fro.

26. Corrine Bailey Rae: We had to end on the queen of chill tunes and effortlessly perfect curls. Her soft coils are downright dreamlike. Follow if you know what’s good for you… and your hair.

Which hair heroines do you follow for Instagram inspiration? Leave a tip in the comments!