As fabulous as you look when you’re wearing your favorite sunnies (and, let’s face it, you do), have you ever noticed how the world just doesn’t look the same through those lenses? It’s like someone turned the volume of the colors way down.

If you’re as into Instagram as we are, you may have wished the view through your sunglasses looked as pretty as it does through those filters.

We’ve already shown you how to get your Instagrams carved into wood, how to eat them and even how to get a glimpse at a filtered world through Instagram street art. Now we’re giving you a way to wear an Instagram filter.

That’s the idea behind a new Indiegogo campaign, Tens: The Real Life Photo Filter. Tens sunglasses feature a lens designed to make the world look ten times better, hence the name. The lenses have an Instagram-inspired tint that gives everything a warmer, brighter look. So you can enjoy that Insta-awesome view when you’re setting your sights on the scenery IRL and not just on your screen. Not only do the lenses block the sun with UV400 protection (um, the scale goes that high?), they do it while cranking the color volume up to 11.

Initially, the makers of Tens are offering a classic unisex frame style, appropriately dubbed “The Classic,” in black, navy, deep red and teal. A pair comes with a microfiber bag, as well as scratch-resistant lenses and acetate frames, just in case you throw them in your purse without putting them in their bag. Backers who support the campaign with at least £36 (about $60) should have their own Tens in time for summer if supplies hold out. The campaign has been wildly popular, already raising many times more funding than their goal. Looks like Valencia-hued shades are the new rose-colored glasses…

How would you like to filter your view? Let us know in the comments below!