What if you could take a bite out of your Big Apple vacay Instagram photos? We’ve told you how to get great food photos, and now here’s the secret to getting those great photos… on food. Edible pictures (yep, you read that right) combine two of our favorite things: Instagram and dessert! You can literally treat yo’self by putting your face on your favorite confection. Depending on the pics, we could see these as a Mother’s Day gift, wedding favors or served up at your next theme party.

1. Baking for Good Snapshot Cookies ($40 per dozen): Nicknamed “InstaGrahams,” these sugar cookies feature your photo printed in edible soy ink and framed with piped icing or sugar. There’s also a gluten-free version. 15% of the net proceeds of your purchase goes to support the cause of your choice. When ordering, you choose from a list that spans animals to disaster relief to young philanthropy, and Baking for Good will donate to not-for-profit organizations working to make a difference in that area.

2. Cocoagraph Chocstagrams ($14): Upload a photo to create an Instagram bar made from milk, white, dark or organic dark chocolate. You can customize your Chocstagram even more by adding strawberries, almonds, sea salt or coffee bean crumble. Each bar is handmade with chocolate sourced from a family-owned company using fair-trade-certified beans. For warmer temperatures, there’s an option to ship with an ice pack. You can melt someone’s heart, but don’t mess with their chocolate!

3. Boomf Magical Mallows ($20 per box): Boomf allows you to log into Instagram directly from their site and choose nine of your fave pics — no uploading required. They print your photos on square, vanilla marshmallows. They’re gluten-free and larger orders can be specially made to be halal. Were you just waiting for a photo-printed marshmallow to make your InstaS’mores complete? Boomf! There it is!

4. Eleni’s Edible Image Cupcakes ($47 per dozen): On their site, you can customize your cupcake flavor, sprinkle colors and a photo to top the tower of frosting. Preview the finished product right from the order page and zoom or reposition the image to find the perfect placement. You can upload any photo, but it makes sense to use Instagram, if that’s how you already chronicle moments like lazy Sundays with your boo and selfies with friends. Plus, we’ve heard this little rumor that Instagram + cupcakes = crazy delicious! (What?!)

5. DIY Edible Frosting Photos: Are you looking for a way to give this a try on your own? You got this! You just need a dedicated printer for the job, whether it’s one specially made for printing with edible ink or a brand spankin’ new standard printer that is compatible with edible printing and has never used regular ink before. Print out your ‘Grams on frosting sheets that you then carefully apply to cookies or cakes. Frosting mustaches are allowed. (via Bake at 350)

Which of your pics would you pick for dessert?