There are so many reasons to move to a new city. You may be making a career change, relocating with your S.O. or seeking out a dog-friendly city. And you know what? “Just because” is a great reason too. Sometimes we’re just ready to make a change, with no real impetus other than the gut feeling that it’s time to move on. The idea is exciting, of course, but can also be incredibly daunting. When you don’t have a solid reason to move somewhere, you have infinite possibilities to move anywhere. But before you go stabbing a map with a straight pin, take a look at our zodiac city guide and let the stars direct your way.


1. New York City: Independent, brave Aries relishes the notoriously tough town’s “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” vibe. Your restless spirit is calmed by the constantly evolving social scene, and you consider even the most everyday NYC errands (read: Whole Foods on a Sunday afternoon) as another personal challenge to crush.


2. Seattle: As someone with a down-to-earth spirit and a taste for the finer things, Taurus is sure to feel at home in Seattle. The city offers a thriving art scene, diverse food culture and myriad outdoor adventures to feed all your interests. Plus, your never-ending patience is necessary for those weeks when it just won’t. Stop. Raining.


3. Minneapolis-St. Paul: The Twin Cities for the twin sign, naturally. You’re quick, energetic, versatile and social. Thankfully, so is Minneapolis-St. Paul. It’s a youthful town full of young professionals who play as hard as they work. As a Gemini moving to the Twin Cities, you’ll find a new circle of creative and inspiring friends in no time.


4. Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love will always embrace a sensitive, loyal Cancer like yourself. While some of its residents may have the rep of being a bit tough, Philadelphians are all about helping out their neighbors. And your practical side will love the incredible real estate deals you can find in the up-and-coming Fishtown neighborhood!


5. Austin: Ever the social butterfly, popular Leo belongs in the capital of cool. Austin is full of young creatives from every walk of life working in every industry, so your broad-mindedness will be constantly stimulated. You’re sure to thrive in such an entrepreneurial environment with all that passion and creativity inside you!


6. Chicago: Chitown is known for being a friendly city full of hard-working, down-to-earth people. Virgo’s drive to succeed and unwavering reliability is a match made in midwest heaven with the Windy City. That’s not to say Chicagoans (or Virgos!) don’t know how to have fun or enjoy the outdoors; both love to have fun. Those fated 100 days of summer make living through the winters worth it.


7. Atlanta: Charming Libra will have no trouble finding their place in Atlanta’s storied social scene. The city offers a ton of different ways to fill social Libra’s calendar, whether it’s hiking Kennesaw Mountain with the Atlanta Outdoor Club or trying a new restaurant in up-and-coming Reynoldstown neighborhood.


8. Miami: The sultry, sexy Miami vibe is perfect for passionate Scorpio. Full of life, power and maybe a little drama, Scorpio is sure to stay energized in MIA. While South Beach is fun, try scoping the Wynwood neighborhood to satisfy your artistic side.


9. Portland: Open-minded, optimistic Sag will flourish like a craft coffee bar in free-spirited Portland. And your notorious good-humoredness will pay off big time once your friends inevitably start emailing you Portlandia clips. Put your optimism to good use during the winter months, which are notoriously wet.


10. Washington, DC: Success-driven, stability-seeking Capricorn is sure to thrive in the capital’s competitive, career-focused culture. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder at a consulting firm, getting your law degree at Georgetown or doing your time in the federal government, your hard-working tendencies are sure to pay off in DC.


11. San Francisco: With Silicon Valley so close by, innovation is paramount in the Bay Area. Progressive Aquarius already knows how to set trends and is admired by everyone they meet. Your inherent originality and friendliness will ensure immediate success in San Francisco.


12. Los Angeles: Artistic, imaginative Pieces is just the right type to pack up their guitar and headshots to follow their dreams in the City of Angels. Just don’t let your sensitive spirit get defeated while you’re in the midst of “making it.”

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