Right now, you and your roommate (or mates) might be debating whether or not to have a Christmas tree for the apartment (dibs on not cleaning up those needles). In the back of your mind, though, the both of you are probably debating gifts for聽each other for the holidays. Sure, the kitchen needs a new tea pot, and there鈥檚 that sweater you鈥檝e both been eyeing that you could totally get for them (then steal every other weekend), but why not go a goofier route: the best white elephant gift.

White Elephant gifts can range from crazy kooky to crazy functional (and affordable). Get a whacky kitchen gadget that you can both use (and get a kick out of), or a throwback present to bring them back to grammar school days or something they can treat themselves with while having a giggle. Here鈥檚 our guide to the best white elephant presents for your housemates.

shark bowl

1. Perpetual Kid Shark Bowl ($16): So you can eat every meal like it鈥檚 Shark Week.

cupcake shower cap

2. Perpetual Kid Cupcake Shower Cap ($9): While most shower caps make you look like an old maid, this one will make you look Strawberry Shortcake chic.

retro transparent telephone

3. Retro Transparent Telephone ($40): The dream of the 鈥90s is alive in this phone. It鈥檚 a perfectly rad excuse to get a land line.

shoe pot

4. Wyatt Little聽Shoe Pot ($50): Alley decoration + succulent = perfect green addition to your living room.

rainbow trout lavender eye pillow

5. Alia Grace Dolls Rainbow Trout Lavender Eye Pillow ($36): Lucky for you, and your face, this smells nothing like fish (more on the lovely lavender end, thankfully).

merry crustmas sweatshirt

6. Tees and Thank You 鈥淢erry Crustmas鈥 Sweatshirt ($22): It鈥檚 the Kevin McCallister of sweatshirts.

catt butt magnets

7. Kikkerland Posterior Design聽Cat Butt Magnet Set ($13): An accurate representation of how you see your feline friends.

kellog's cereal lip balm set

8. Mad Beauty聽Kellogg鈥檚 Cereal Lip Balm Set ($23): It鈥檚 like the milk from your fave childhood breakfast in lip balm form. Lip smackin鈥 delicious.

shark shark wall pocket

9. Shark! Shark! Wall Pocket ($13): This totally killer wall chomper will always hold on to your keys and never bite you.

donut coasters

10. Coastermatic Donut Coasters ($45): If you don鈥檛 have a breakfast pastry to indulge in, you can at least place your coffee mug on one (not as many calories, either).

karate lettuce chopper

11. Gama-Go Karate Lettuce Chopper ($12): All of your salad prep will be action packed with this chopper (just don鈥檛 go too hard and break your cutting board).

game of phones

12. Game of Phones ($20): This deck of cards sends your phone on a scavenger hunt. Perfect for lazy snowed in nights when your Netflix queue is maxed out.

sloth earrings

13. Vinca USA Sloth Earrings ($16): Sloths. Hanging onto your ears. The tears are rolling down our cheeks already.

toothpaste tube wringer

14. Uncommon Goods Toothpaste Tube Wringer ($25): For those of us who are anti-squeeze-from-the-top, this tool will help win the perpetual roommate argument.

bath tub wine glass holder

15. Sip Caddy Bath Tub Wine Glass Holder ($14): Now you can hop in the tub and wash away the week without having to clean up broken glass (or spilled booze).

nutella recipe book

16. Nutella Recipe Book by Ferrero ($13): Find ways to enjoy your favorite cocoa hazelnut treat other than toast (or a direct-to-your-mouth spoonful).

urbano eco trash can

17. Urbano Eco Trash Can ($19): Finally, you will have use for all of the plastic bags you save in your apartment.

help me i'm poor mug

18. Perks of Aurora 鈥淗elp Me I鈥檓 Poor鈥 Mug ($16): For mornings when you are dreaming of a Nespresso while drinking Folgers Instant.

dachschund food tray

19. NoDa Design Studio Dachshund Food Tray ($20): If your apartment won鈥檛 allow dogs, you can still party with this little guy.

floor cleaning slippers

20. Evriholder Slipper Genie Floor Cleaning Slippers ($5): Now there will never be an excuse for messy floors. Be comfy, stay cleanly.

jeepin' keyring

21. Ryan Porter 鈥淛eepin'鈥 Keyring ($14): The perfect accessory for rollin鈥 with the homies.

penguins on ice pop mold

22. Qualy Penguins on Ice Pop Mold ($30): It鈥檚 like your freezer is putting on a production of Happy Feet (with a popsicle finale).

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