Most of us pretty much run our lives directly from our devices these days. We find our next romantic prospects on dating apps, manage our budgets on nifty financial platforms, and outsource our to-do lists by assigning errands to the professionals on sites like TaskRabbit. It’s all kinds of shiny and convenient and ’round-the-clock accessible. When it comes time to spread seasonal cheer in the final months of the year, it’s tempting to employ a similar style, thanks especially to the slew of online alternatives that allow you to dispatch your seasonal cards in a matter of mere minutes.

Some things are, however, better left old-fashioned — and if you ask us, holiday cards certainly might fall in that category. It sounds like a lot of work. Between choosing the perfect card, writing out the messages, addressing the envelopes, buying the stamps, and dropping the finished package in the mail, the process can feel a little daunting, and certainly more time- and labor-intensive than a simple ecard. But don’t be discouraged! There’s good reason to give real holiday cards a chance the year — six good reasons, to be exact. Here’s why you should consider going old school.

1. Paper cards give you a chance to practice your hand lettering and other creative skills. You can save a little extra cash by making your cards rather than buying a packaged set, which is also a prime opportunity for you to put all your work perfecting calligraphy or watercolor to good use! If you feel like you’re short on “official” artistic skills, that’s not a problem. Even simple doodles or rubber stamps would look fab on a homemade holiday card, and doing it by hand will give you a fun and creative break from the rush of the season.

2. There’s nothing better than getting mail. You know the amazing feeling that comes over you when you open your mailbox to find a real piece of mail (read: NOT a bill or a credit card offer) waiting for you? Give that feeling to someone else — or, better yet, all of your friends and family — by sending your holiday wishes through the post office instead of the internet.

3. They’re a great way to display your favorite photos from the year. If you opt to order photo cards instead of making your greetings by hand, you’ll have one more opportunity to show off one (or more!) of your favorite moments of 2017. Have you run out of photo ops to frame because you snapped so many special images this year? A holiday card is your perfect excuse to circle back to your favorites and relive the fun of sharing them all over again.

4. Email inboxes are already crowded. It would be one thing to exchange holiday cards via email if they were the only thing that was coming into our inboxes, but we all know that’s not the case. It’s prime time for messages from your favorite (or not-so-favorite) retailers, so your typically crowded email has probably reached brand new levels of overstuffed. Your family and friends are probably experiencing the same issue, so if you stick to ecards, your well wishes could easily get lost in the shuffle.

5. They’re more inclusive! While plenty of grandparents and other older family members have fully embraced technology, there are others who have remained analog — and why should they miss out on your Christmas card? Even if you opt to go high-tech for most of the year, this might be the time to stick to pen and paper, if only to ensure that all your loved ones can have a spot on your mailing list.

6. They make great holiday decor. Many people use the holiday cards they receive as part of their decorative plan for the season. Don’t you want to be included on those refrigerator displays and photo walls?

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