Our love of affordable (i.e. hella cheap) travel should be more than a little obvious — just take a peek at the round-trip tickets to Iceland for just $220 or the round-trip tickets to Italy, England, Spain, or France for around $400 or LESS. However, if you’re looking to stick closer to home, travel within the US could soon be unusually cheap.


With experts warning that a travel slump is likely to hit the US while President Trump is in office (even deeming the sitch the “Trump Slump”), the Global Business Travel Association is already reporting that “approximately $185 million in business travel bookings were lost as the uncertainty surrounding travel in general had a rippling effect on traveler confidence.” Ouch.

Though if we’re looking for a silver lining, fewer folks coming to the US means that American travelers can score themselves quite a deal from companies who are currently desperate for business.

Trump hotel

We’re not only talking about airlines slashing prices and offering deals, but also train and bus companies (natch), as well as hotels, cultural attractions, retail establishments, restaurants… the list continues. The Guardian reports that “Kayak has identified a knock-on effect on average hotel prices. It found prices in Las Vegas are down by 39 percent and New York City by 32 percent.”

So, if you’ve been looking to explore the country from one coast to the other, now might be the perfect time.

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(h/t Mic; photos via Dan Kitwood + William Thomas Cain/Getty)