It looks like 2017 is going to be THE year to snag amazing travel deals. We were already typing up our itineraries after we heard about the $105 round-trip tickets to Puerto Rico and the tickets to Costa Rica for less than $200, and now, we’re gearing up for takeoff yet again, since we can nab round-trip tickets to Italy, England, Spain, or France for $400 or LESS!

American Airlines plane

One World is currently offering some pretty stellar deals that you’ll no doubt want to check out, no matter what part of Europe you’re interested in visiting. Including price reductions from various airlines, there’s a heck of a lot to choose from.

Buckingham Palace selfie

Want to pose in front of the Eiffel Tower? Itching to take a selfie with Buckingham Palace in the background? Or perhaps you’d like to indulge your inner fashion-lover by blowing your budget in Milan. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

You can score round-trip tickets to Paris for about $400, and it will cost you even less to head to Barcelona ($333) or Rome ($390). If you’re willing and able to bump up your budget just a smidge more, you can take that vacay all the way to London ($413), Madrid ($450), or even Milan ($457).

Eiffle Tower

There’s just one catch: With the exception of a single flight from Newark, NJ to Madrid, you’ll have to get to New York for departure, though travel dates span from spring to late fall, so you can pretty much choose any time of year to collect those passports stamps. Head over to Airfare Spot right now to jump on the deals and, of course, bon voyage!

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(h/t Travel + Leisure, photos via Thierry Chesnot + Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty, One World)