Rainbows clearly exist to make us happy, and we can find them pretty much anywhere. When we’re not wearing rainbows on our bodies and in our highly coveted rainbow highlighters, we’re digging into delicious rainbow-colored desserts. But what if, like some of us, you’re not as comfortable working your way around the kitchen? Well, we’ve always leaned on good ol’ Betty Crocker for an easy cake in a hurry. But while Party Rainbow Chip cake mix has always been a fan fave, you might want to rethink before you reach for that box of cake this week, as Betty Crocker’s parent company General Mills is recalling thousands of their most popular cake mixes.

super moist

In a recall notice, General Mills said it would recall The Party Rainbow Chip Cake Mix and their Carrot Cake Mix, as they were found to use Wondra flour, a brand recalled on July 1 due to an E. Coli outbreak. The outbreaks were tracked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention back in June, when they found that the outbreak made 38 people sick throughout 20 states.

While there hasn’t been any reported sickness due to these two cake mixes yet, we’re thinking it’s probably safer to skip the mix and go straight to the bakery for your rainbow cake fix for now.

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(Photo via Betty Crocker)