We here at Brit + Co. have a tiny obsession with mobile apps. We are constantly on the prowl for all the new tech goodness that will help inspire and simplify our lives, and apps are always a big part of it. A few months ago, we launched our very own Brit + Co. mobile app for iPhone, iPod and iPad, and today, we’re excited to be debuting our app for Windows Phone as well.

Why Windows Phone? Well, first and foremost, we LOVE the chic and minimal design. The clean text and large images tug at our visually inclined hearts. But even better, it’s as if the Windows Phone was designed for Brit + Co. Our grid-like interface matches perfectly with the live tile design within the Windows Phone UI. Secondly, we are striving to be on as many mobile platforms as possible, as we truly believe that the mobile app experience of Brit + Co. is perhaps even better than the web experience, given that so much of our content is best read in the kitchen, bedroom (who doesn’t need a little Brit + Co. before bed?), or on-the-go.

If you haven’t yet played with one of these phones, you definitely should. It’s much different than an iPhone or Android phone, but you can get used to it over a couple of days. I’ve personally been using a Nokia Lumia 920 (above, left) for the past few months and have enjoyed the experience quite a bit. Plus, I love that they come in so many different bold colors — no need for a case!

We hope all of you Windows Phone users will check out the new app, rate us in the store, and send us any and all feedback you may have. And for those of you using an iPhone or iPod, don’t forget that we’ve got the goods for you, too. Android users, stay tuned — we have a few more tricks up our sleeves for you guys as well :) More on that soon.