It’s a familiar scenario — you’re ready to pop a bottle or two of bubbly, red or white at a picnic, your office, your friend’s new apartment, anywhere outside of a well-stocked kitchen, and (uh oh) no one has a corkscrew. Enter: frantic Googling of “how do I open wine without a corkscrew?” Stop waiting for that grainy YouTube video to load and get ready to commit the following infographic to memory/your Pinterest board. From how to open that Pinot Grig’ with a KEY (yup, it’s possible) to what that two week old, two buck Chuck *should* smell like, you’re about to be enlightened with a range of wine tips, tricks and essential life hacks that will make you The Life of the next dinner party you attend.

Excuse us, we have a few bottles in the kitchen that need sniffing… :-X

What’s your favorite wine hack? Have a go to wine tip that’s your favorite party trick? Spill below!

(h/t Appliance City)