Whether you’re picking up some booze at the grocery store for a huge group or trying to decide what to order at a new bar, when faced with a menu full of beer and wine, it can be struggle to know just which one you just MUST throw down your gullet. We’ve found 12 apps that’ll help you make those tough decisions while also helping you plug into local events so you can mingle with brew-sers and winos near you. Let the glass clinking commence.


1. Untappd: This app might replace Yelp when you’re looking for a cold beer. Untappd even mimics the social aspects of Yelp, such as adding friends and seeing their recommendations. You can also add reviews and search for popular bars nearby. (Free on iOS and Android)


2. Vivino: Take a picture of a wine label. Vivino will show you reviews, rankings and price. It also has a little bit of that Yelp vibe, seeing as you can add your own reviews too. (Free on iOS and Android)


3. Drync: Drync is a futuristic wine journal where you get to take a picture of the label and write your thoughts about it. If you love what you’re swilling, you can order it through the app! (Free on iOS and Android)


4. WineGlass: When you’re ready to learn more about all those grown-up grape juices, WineGlass is there to get you started. Snap a picture of a wine menu, and the app will turn your picture into an interactive menu. You can click on different wines to find out their general ratings and to see what dinner entrees will go great with the wine you choose. (Free on iOS)


5. World of Beer: Before this was an app, it was (and still is) an awesome beer hangout spot. In fact, some of you beer lovers out there might have gone to one of the bars out in Arizona or Washington. They host fun events with live music and their app can find the perfect brew for you. Not in Arizona or Washington? Not a problem. They have six new locations across Georgia, Colorado and California! (Free on iOS and Android)


6. Saucey: Don’t want to go out in the stormy weather looking for the perfect wine, spirit or beer? Order through Saucey and you’ll get your bottle delivered right to your door within… you’re not going to believe this… the next 20-30 minutes! Saucey delivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles. (Free on iOS and Android)


7. TapHunter: If Facebook was built around searching for the best beer, it’d be TapHunter. With this app you have a feed that shows you bars that would fit your taste. So when you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, your main feed will show you all the goods. You can even look up what awesome bars are nearby and see what drinks they offer with a tap of a finger. TapHunter will even notify you about any events at local businesses around you. (Free on iOS and Android)


8. Elixr: Elixr is the Instagram of drinks. It’s a social way to post pictures and comments about drinks you’ve tried at different restaurants, cafes or bars. Even though this one isn’t strictly all about finding the best beer or wine around, you can definitely still use it to search for a cold one. (Free on iOS and Android)


9. Minibar: Minibar is also an alcohol delivery service, but they deliver to more areas than just the Bay Area and Southern California. Check out their locations and party on. (Free on iOS and Android)


10. Pintley: Beer enthusiasts, this is the app for you. On top of finding beers and bars that are best suited for you, Pintly notifies you about any rare beer events, craft beer launch parties and beer tastings being held around the US. (Free on iOS and Android)


11. Next Glass: After learning what your go-to bottle of wine is and finding out which beers you can’t put down, Next Glass helps you find a new brand of wine or beer that you’ll absolutely love. Just open the app, take a picture of the bottle’s label and the app will calculate how much you’d love it by giving you a number out of 100. You can also add friends on Next Glass so that if you’re having a party, you can pick the perfect beverage for everyone. (Free on iOS and Android)


12. Picky Pint: Want to try out something new during happy hour but don’t want to waste those dollar bills on some bathtub swill? Picky Pint let’s you take a photo of your beer menu and gives you a list of ratings, recommendations and even a level of bitterness for each beer listed. It also has a barcode scanner so you can find out all about those 99 bottles of beer on the wall at your grocery store. (Free on iOS and Android)

Which apps are you going to download? Were there any particular features that stood out to you?