Classy cut outs in the summer? Well that’s a no-brainer! But as we browsed our favorite shopping sites the other day, we noticed a slew of cut out clothing that is totally wearable while the sun is still hibernating. From cozy sweaters that flash a fleshy collarbone to peak-a-boo blouses made for layering, check out these 12 cold weather cut outs that you can wear well before spring.

1. Selected Dossa Midi Dress With Cutout Details ($100): Introducing the dress that inspired it all. The symmetrical cutouts make this the most modern office-friendly dress we’ve seen.

2. Night Haze Sweater ($68): We’re feeling the slightly grungy vibe of this grey ombre sweater, complete with a minuscule neck cutout that can easily be covered by your favorite circle scarf.

3. Minkpink Bladerunner Cut Out Shirt ($30): While the cutouts surely stand out on this blouse—exposing more than a bit of collarbone and shoulder blade—they’re sliced in the most tasteful way possible, making this top much more than a trend piece.

4. Warehouse Cutout Jumpsuit ($95): What’s our take on jumpsuits, you ask? Well, let’s just say we wouldn’t ever hesitate to slip on a modern one-piece. Same goes for this hot number with diamond-shaped cutouts.

5. Vermont Sweater ($78): Here’s another cozy cutout that doubles down on the diamond cut. Details like the cuffed crew neck and rounded hem are not lost among the sea of four-sided windows.

6. Minkpink Gosh Golly Sweater ($72): We have to say, we’re usually not crazy about shoulder cutouts—they have a tendency to look super juvenile. But we approve of these shallow scoops, especially when they’re paired with a more casual print like these rugby stripes.

7. Asos Kimono With Cutout Back ($29): What did we tell you? Out with the blazer, in with the kimono. This wine colored cover-all boast a perfectly draped back cutout, making it an appropriate piece of outerwear for elegant nights out.

8. Petite Scalloped Cutout Silk Top ($90): If you love the luxe look (and feel!) of silk, then feast your eyes on this top that has the most petite cutouts we’ve ever seen. We love the delicate feel of this see-through scalloped collar.

9. Sparkle & Fade Cross-Back Sweater ($59): Now this is how to wear an oversized sweater without looking super sloppy. The rib cage cut out on its back is playful, edgy, and totally flirty.

10. Orion Cutout Sweater ($167): Even the slightest element of peek-a-boo can look downright smokin’. This sweater proves that much is true.

11. Warehouse Cut Out Back Shirt ($73): There’s so just so much we love about this flowy blouse. Yep, you guessed right about the tiered cut and cropped sleeves, and you just wait till you get a glimpse from the back!

12. Asos Jumper With Cut Out Back Detail ($30): One thing’s for certain: no matter what size you are, a racerback cut makes you look like a million bucks. The open back detail makes this a sweater we’d be smitten to be seen in day or night.

How do you rock cutouts in cold weather? Tell us in the comments below!