Somehow, sweatshirts have become accepted by the style community as suitable everyday outerwear. That’s right, sweatshirts aren’t just for the gym anymore, and we have to say we’re totally OK with that (can’t you tell!?). Especially since so many of these traditionally casual tops have been given mind-blowingly chic makeovers. These 15 sweatshirts prove that something so comfy can also look so high-end.

1. Reversible Sweatshirt ($60): This ghostlike sweatshirt is the perfect way to kick off this roundup. Grey ribbed cotton peeps out from underneath the white damask-cut shell to create a delicate two-tone.

2. Experimental Sweatshirt ($48): We’d like to graciously thank the style scientists for this experimental sweatshirt. A rounded neckline and rolled, three quarter-length sleeves make it simultaneously sporty and chic.

3. House of Holland Embellished Sweatshirt with Pill Embellishment ($276): Jewel embellishments are big right now (literally and figuratively), and while this trend can look quite bulky and childish, this sweatshirt gets it completely right. Sparsely placed pill-shaped gems add just the right amount of luxe to this navy blue sweatshirt.

4. Your Eyes Lie Bird Flock Pullover Sweatshirt ($59): This soft, animal pattern gives this standard grey sweatshirt a dreamy vibe. The ink-like quality of each gliding bird makes this piece almost like a work of art.

5. Fluffy Sweat ($50): We must admit that we thought this 90s trend was long gone, but it turns out that fluffy sweatshirts are back! Surprisingly, this modern version is super chic, especially when layered over a pretty collared shirt.

6. Bien Fait Sweatshirt ($60): This might be the “it” sweatshirt of the season. The sleek statement sweater, which cleverly says the brand Madewell’s name in French, is really the epitome of cool.

7. Floral and Polka Dot Sweatshirt ($40): As you’ll see throughout this roundup, Zara is really killing it with their collection of beautiful sweatshirts, like this mixed print sweat. Worn with high waisted black jeans and shiny loafers, you’d definitely be able to pull off this elegant crop top at work. Mind—blown!

8. Bib Necklace Sweatshirt ($98): Matte white jewels make an elegant collar around the neckline of this terry sweatshirt. While we love the neutral grey option pictured here, those looking to add some color to their wardrobe should check out the super cute mint green version.

9. Diesel Bow Back Sweatshirt ($94): We love a garment with a twist, just like this playful pink sweatshirt. What looks like a totally basic top from the front turns out to have an adorable printed bow on the back. We heart it!

10. Joie Cherelle Lasercut Sweatshirt ($218): Here’s another beautifully bibbed sweatshirt, except this time without the shiny embellishments. Instead, a lace-like pattern is laser cut to the front of this top, giving it an unmistakably modern look.

11. Silver Punk Sweatshirt ($90): Now this is another Brit-approved way to wear metallics. Vertical lines of silver sequins so futuristic.

12. Mixing Color Batwing Sleeve Sweatshirt ($29): This color block sweatshirt might be the most casual looking of the bunch, but its trendy details make it totally roundup-worthy. An exaggerated neckline, bat wing sleeves, and an oversized front pocket take it up a notch.

13. A.P.C. Lightweight Leopard Sweatshirt ($135): This lightweight sweatshirt wins in both the color and pattern department. Purple leopard print? You can’t get much better than that!

14. Sweatshirt with Combination Sleeve Detail ($40): The sheer style trend is here to stay, so celebrate all things see-through with this stunning sweatshirt. Striped sheer sleeves and a peekaboo side panel make this a great date look.

15. Bow & Drape Custom Sweatshirts (up to $68): We’ve gushed about the made-to-order fashion site Bow & Drape before, so we were so delighted to get to meet gals behind the brand at Re:Make. And once we saw just how easy it is to customize their collection of seriously comfy sweatshirts, the girls at Brit + Co. jumped at the chance to make our own. We had to wear them to the office on the same day. With animal ears. Duh.

Now that’s what we call “Creepin’ it real!”

What’s your favorite stylish sweatshirt? Talk to us in the comments below!