Anyone remember that Polar Vortex that hit us last year? Well, word is it’ll be back for round two in a couple months. Go ahead and take a moment to shake off the chill that just shot up your spine. Sure, you could layer up and light a fire, but we’re guessing that’s not going to be enough to keep the cold away. Before winter fully makes itself known, snatch up these high tech gadgets that’ll keep you stay warm and cozy all season long.

1. Iris Comfort and Control Kit ($179): When the temperature outside drops, we turn to the thermostat to warm us up. If your home has an old device with one of those terribly inaccurate moveable levers, you are probably spending more money than you’d like for your heat. There are plenty of high-tech thermostat devices on the market, like Iris, that learn your heat habits as well as allow remote scheduling and optimal programing.

2. Flir One ($230): Does “preventing heat loss” in your home involve stuffing t-shirts between the window frames or towels under the door? Doors and windows are obvious sources of heat loss, but there are plenty of other areas that are sucking the heat out of your home. Flir makes an infrared accessory that attaches to your smart phone and can detect thermal heat (including heat loss) in the home. This is a great way to know where to start making repairs and fixing leaks.

3. Connected TCP Light Bulbs ($80): When winter darkness sets in, wouldn’t it be nice to have your lights turn on just before you came home? Connected by TCP Connected is a smart light bulb that screws in like a normal energy efficient bulb, but can wirelessly connect to your smart device for remote control capability. Instead of paying to keep your lights on all day, you can program them to turn on (or off) at a certain time. You can also easily control the lighting in your home without having to replace your switches.

4. Living Plug ($55): Outlets aren’t pretty to look at, nor are all the plugs and wires that stick out of it. But if you’re a fan of DIY and saving money, look no further than LivingPlug. With hundreds of plate cover designs to choose from (or a blank one for you to style yourself), this outlet cover comes with three standard outlets plus one USB outlet. And because of the on/off switch, you can easily save money by pushing a button instead of unplugging – perfect for the winter, when more time spent at home can lead to higher energy bills. What’s more? These outlets are tamper-resistant for increased child safety.

5. Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater ($399): Even by reducing heat loss in the home and programming your thermostat, you might still need a boost of heat. Portable heaters have come a long way, and this model from Dyson stays true to their philosophy of inventing products that are highly functional and good looking. With no blades and no burning smell, this portable heater can quickly warm a room.

6. Stradler Form Robert Humidifier and Air Purifier ($650): Because we spend more time indoors in the winter with moisture-sucking heat radiating around us, it’s important to focus on indoor air quality. Stadler Form manufacturers a huge range of humidifiers and air purifiers, offered in a range of sizes and functionalities. The Robert cleans the air by removing pollen and dust particles (great for those who suffer from allergies), adds moisture and has a scent chamber for you to add your favorite essential oils. And because it looks good, you won’t feel the need to hide it while in use.

How are you prepping for the cold months ahead? If you have any gadgets that keep the chill away, please share!