Here at Brit + Co., we’ve been making our lists and checking them twice for makers, foodies, photographers, and even the special dude in your life! And now, we’re rounding up the ultimate tech gift guide that’s sure to make any geek jump for joy. From must-have gadgets to the best apps for style mavens, fitness gurus, and outdoor adventurers, make sure to grab one of these gifts for the geek on your “nice” list. :)

Send your foodie dashing to the kitchen with one of these under the tree.

1. iSpoon ($7): A must have for the multi-tasking foodie. This efficient stylus and spoon combo lets you scroll through recipes and stir your soup with one tool.

2. Molecular Gastronomy Kit ($59): There is a thin line between foodies and scientists, and this kit blends them well. Deconstruct your favorite holiday dish with this molecular gastronomy kit that includes a recipe DVD, essential tools, and 50 additive packets.

3. ApfelBrett Pro Cutting Board ($96): For the apple of your eye, this cutting board (made from apple tree wood) pays homage to the Apple MacBook Pro. Like the laptop, this cutting board needs to be kept shiny—just rub with a little veggie oil every now and then.

Stuff a geek’s stocking with one of these gadgets and you’ll be as good as a gold iPhone. ;)

4. Tile ($20+): This tiny gadget is the ultimate new lost and found. Simply attach the tiny Tile to any item that might go amiss—like keys or your wallet—and use the iOs compatable Tile app to track it down if it disappears.

5. Jot Stylus ($22+): Impress with the best stylus on the market. For artists to scribblers, the Jot will definitely leave a mark (and that’s a good thing!).

6. Leaf Universal Charger ($29): An on-the-go universal charger, the leaf should not be left off any geek’s wish list.

Let these gifts muscle their way into the stockings of the buff and beautiful.

7. Fitbit Force ($130): Help your fitness geek reach their goals with this wristband that wirelessly counts calories and tracks various activities like distance walked or stairs climbed. This sleek device also monitors your sleep and wakes you with a silent alarm. Plus, when you hand over this gift you can totally say “may the Force be with you!” ;)

8. Hovding Airbag for Cyclists ($547): This inflatable head protector has revolutionized the basic bicycle helmet. Instead of strapping a hard shell to your dome, this “invisible” helmet is worn as a thick collar around your neck and acts like an airbag when its built-in sensors detect abnormal movement.

9. Waterproofed iPod Shuffle ($155): Now you can press shuffle while you surf or swim laps thanks to this waterproofed iPod Shuffle swim kit. If you want to make the sonic experience more social, then pair it with one of these waterproof speakers, too!

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire set the tone for the reading and writing geek to curl up with a blanket, cocoa, and a good digital book.

10. Xcanex Portable Book & Document Scanner ($299): There’s no need to search for the nearest scanner with this lightweight, clip on device that turns your laptop into a digital scanning station. Just place your book, magazine, receipt, or document under the adjustable lens to get beamed up!

11. Livescribe 3 Smartpen ($150): Gone are the days of manually transferring your handwritten notes to the computer! Instead, simply pair this Smartpen with its corresponding app to magically sync everything written on paper to digital media. This would make the perfect gift for the college student in your life!

12. Create a Custom Journal WithBook ($40): We get goosebumps when the analog and digital worlds collide to make something as rad as Book, which lets you print a custom Moleskine notebook right from your iPad. Import your own sketches, drawings, or musings from the Paper app to create this personalized, one-of-a-kind gift.

Gifts sure to make visions of adventure dance in your head!

13. Klikaklu (Free): Create scavenger hunts and other outdoor hide-and-seek games using your smartphone’s GPS with Klikaklu. Sure this gift doesn’t cost anything, but they won’t care once you’ve told them you’ve concocted the ultimate geek treasure hunt!

14. Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit ($130+): Here’s another waterproof geek gift that’s perfect for those who find adventure under the sea. Thanks to this thick, waterproof protective case, your iPhone is now a go-anywhere gadget.

15. Lifestraw ($49): Turn murky water into safe and clean drinking water with a device you wear around your neck! This portable, instant water filter is surely fit for the adventurous mountain man or outdoors woman.

We ‘d like to propose a toast to these playful and totally geeky drinking gifts!

16. The Entertainment Flask ($15+): Go retro with this hip flask that’s camouflaged as an old school Nintendo game cartridge. This Duck Hunt flask is sure to be a 1Up.

17. Tether Lasso Set of 8 ($22): Save your wine glasses from dishwasher demise with this simple bungee tether. It’s like a seatbelt for stem wear!

18. Chillsner ($30 for set of two): This may be the coolest drinking gadget we’ve seen this year! Add this icicle-like device to your beer bottle to keep it constantly cool while you throw one back. Genius!

For the chic geek in your life.

19. Mighty Purse ($138): A bag that charges your devices? Now that’s what we call an epic holiday gift! This leather smart purse ensures that your smartphone always stays fully charged while you’re out and about. Style and function on-the-go—you can’t ask for much more!

20. Smoothe Kinematics 116n Necklace ($80): Who knew 3D printed jewelry could look so chic? This labyrinth-like necklace is printed from a lightweight, flexible nylon that drapes around your neck flawlessly. A must-have for fashion-forward friends.

21. Silver USB Cufflinks ($100): We couldn’t pass up this amazing novelty gift! These multi-functional USB cufflinks are made for the modern man.

For when hot cocoa and apple cider won’t cut it!

22. Regular Coffee ($20): Quality, no-frills coffee delivered straight to your coffee lover’s door—now here’s a subscription gift we can totally get behind!

22. Blast Off Espresso Cup Set ($18): Three…two…one…blast off with this quirky vessel for the espresso sipper! This set includes two cups for those who care to share with their fellow cosmonaut.

23. iKettle ($162): The world’s first WiFi kettle brews your tea right from you smartphone. With a wake-up call and precise temp settings, this kettle may become your tea drinker’s new BFF.

Gifts at the intersection of tech and DIY. Sounds familiar! ;)

24. Carve a Stamp Kit ($30): Carve and print your own stamps with this all-inclusive kit packed with 25 original templates and an all-purpose ink pad. Not only does it make a great gift, but it’s also a perfect way to create one-of-a-kind gift wrap this holiday season!

25. Kombucha Homebrew ($70): If you’ve toyed with the idea of brewing your own beer but are looking for healthier keg contents, then give this DIY Kombucha kit a try. It comes with a “mother” and a healthy dose of organic probiotics, too!

26. 3Doodler ($99): If a 3D printer is out of your budget, then this 3Doodler should be the go-to gadget for the maker in your life. Instead of emitting ink, this pen “prints” colorful filament that makes your drawings literally come to life!


Up on the house-top, click-click-click! Nope, that’s not the sound of a computer mouse! ;)

27. Chromecast ($35): Bring online entertainment to your HDTV with what might be the hottest gadget of the year. Chromecast makes it easy to stream movies, TV shows, music, and much more from the Chrome browser on your device onto the big screen.

28. Eye-Fi ($50): This holiday, give the gift of photos—including a few selfies just for fun, of course! ;) This gadget instantly transfers pics or videos from your camera to a tablet or smartphone.

29. Ion iCade Arcade Cabinet ($49): Now you can play classic video games on your iPad the old school way with this arcade-style cabinet. A throwback for the classic gamer, it boasts a full-size joystick and controls just like an actual arcade machine.

What will you be getting the geek in your life this holiday? And gift guide-worthy products we missed? Tell us in the comments below!