In the game of comfort food, it’s just unfair when a roasted meat enters the picture. Gravy-soaked roast beef is the flannel pajamas of food. Tender leg of lamb with mint chutney is the crackling fireplace (or yule log on TV). And herb-stuffed poultry and caramelized carrots are right up there with electric blankets.

Making the house smell like Christmas every weekend seems like the best idea in the history of ideas, right? Putting together a roast can be intimidating at first, but getting these birds and beasts in the oven is not as hard as it looks. Cozy up and grab your carving forks, pals—it’s time for a good old-fashioned Sunday Roast.

1. Perfect Roast Chicken: Fennel is our friend. Ina Garten is our best friend. Ever since the first taste of her so-simple-yet-so-savory chicken recipe. It takes a whopping 10 minutes to prep, and you’ll have leftovers for days. (via Food Network)

2. Perfect Eye of Round Roast: We’ve thrown the word “perfect” around twice in this post already, but we mean it. Admittedly, the recipe itself is f$*ing crazy, but what comes out of the oven is a mouth-watering, medium-rare roast beef. (via The Domestic Man)

3. Roast Leg of Lamb with Proper Mint Sauce: A proper British classic that you don’t have to be British (or proper) to enjoy. Y’done good, Mr. Oliver. (via Jamie Oliver)

4. Pork Roast with Apples and Onions: The tried-and-true pairing of caramelized onions and Honeycrisp apples is behind this sweet and savory goodness. As the saying goes, just add pork butt. (via The Pioneer Woman)

5. Roast Chicken Stuffed Under the Skin: The secret ingredient? Chestnuts. And black truffles. And wild mushrooms… And, obvs, lots and lots of herb butter. (via Zen Can Cook)

6. Crispy Caraway Roast Duck: This duck got hit with an unexpected flavor combination of sweet honey, nutty caraway, and tangy mustard — and it liked it. The recipe also includes a step-by-step guide to cooking the crispiest, juiciest bird we ever did see, so don’t duck because it’s duck. (via No Recipes)

7. Stuffed Pork Belly Roast with Apples and Sage: Um, yeah. Who cares about a bacon-wrapped roast when the whole roast can just be bacon? (via Simply Delicious)

8. Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Gorgonzola Pepper Cream Sauce: Tenderloin is a splurge, so you’ve gotta treat it right by covering it in stinky blue cheese sauce. The tenderloin gets what they tenderloin wants. Don’t question the tenderloin. (via Daily Dish Recipes)

9. Pancetta and Thyme Poussins with Roasted Vegetable Broth: Squee! Tiny poultry! Cornish game hens are adorable. (via What Katie Ate)

10. Roasted Duck with Cranberry Cardamom Glaze: We can’t resist cardamom. We’ll eat it in anything. Desserts, cocktails… and now, on a duck. Cardamom is actually the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla, but now’s no time to be stingy. (via I Breathe I’m Hungry)

11. Mediterranean Stuffed Lamb, Lemon Potatoes, and Artichokes: Sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and black olives add the salty tang-a-lang to this dinner-party dish. We’ll show up with the red wine. (via Gourmet Traveller)

12. Goat Cheese Roasted Chicken: Much like all the characters on Downton Abbey, this baked chicken is not going to dress itself. But you’re just a few easy steps away from an herb-and-chevre-laced bird to brighten up your Sunday blues. (via How Sweet It Is)

13. Roasted Turkey with Bosc Pears and Sage: Turkey will no longer be ignored 364 days out of the year. The pear-seasoned pan-drippings make a heavenly gravy that you’ll probably end up eating with a spoon before it makes it to the table. No judgement. (via Adventures in Cooking)

Did you make it all the way through or did you have to dash off real quick and buy a whole chicken before you got to the end of this post? Let us know what’s cookin’ in the comments or say hello on Twitter!