Baby, it’s cold outside. And sitting next to a screeching radiator just won’t do. We need that snap, crackle, pop, campfire smell that only comes when you have an open fire in your house. So crumble up the newspaper, and strike a match, we’ve got a roundup of wood burners for your tingling-toe pleasure.

1. Palazzetti Irene ($5,300): This Italian scorcher is cast iron, comes complete with colorful ceramic sides, and has a underneath compartment to hide your logs, keeping your sleek home super sleek.

2. Cera Faro (call for pricing): This round warmer might not be available in the U.S. just yet, but we might have to import one to our office for winter 2014.

3. Esse Ironheart (call for pricing): When you think of a wood-burning stove, this is the burner that probably comes to mind. It’s classic, and it’s lovely.

4. Aga (call for pricing): Okay, okay. You caught us. This is not a stove. This is an oven. But can you blame us for including it?

5. Piazzetta (call for pricing): Apparently Italians are really into the flame game. This is another one from the boot-shaped country, crafted outside a small town near Venice.

6. Harrie Leenders Pharos (call for pricing): We don’t recommend sprawling out directly under this floating fireplace, but isn’t it kind of nice knowing you could if you wanted to?

7. Esse Range (call for pricing): Yes, we had to sneak in another range and one by Esse at that. They just know a little something more than the average Joe when it comes to sparking up in your home. (via Self Built Home)

8. Small Scandinavian (price unknown): We’re not sure who the maker of this tiny treasure is, but no doubt about it: It’s one hot little number. (via House Decor In)

9. Marinemine Sphere (call for pricing): Hello conversation piece fashioned out of a debunk deep-sea Russian mine… seriously.

10. Malm Fireplace ($1,500): Got Eames chairs dotting your living room in spades? Then this mid-century stunner is the heat source for you.

11. 360 Degree (call for pricing): It’s Gordon Gekko approved, and it’s totally gorgeous. (via Industry Magazine)

12. Vauni Globe (call for pricing): Not only are we fans of those globes that open in the middle to reveal a mini bar, we’re also fans of spheres that double as fire pits. (via Archi Expo)

13. Gyrofocus (call for pricing): Is it just us, or does this fire breather kind of look like Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors? If it was in our house, we would definitely do musical numbers with it every night… and hope that it wouldn’t eat us. (via Archiproducts)

14. Charnwood C-Four ($1,300): We’re taking it back to the traditional classics, and it feels oh-so nice and cozy.

15. DutchWest ($1,769): We found this fiery furnace tucked away in the hills of San Francisco. Make sure you check out the entire feature on the house. It is beautiful. (via Freunde van Freunden)

16. Barn Burner (unknown): We couldn’t get confirmation, but we think this is a Varde. What it is for sure is fabulous. (via The Designer Pad)

Getting hot and bothered? Throw some kindling into the comments below!