If you’ve been scrolling Pinterest lately, you’ve almost certainly encountered the trending shade of terra cotta-like orange called Cavern Clay. We’ve noticed the hue, which was named Color of the Year for 2019 by Sherwin Williams, popping up everywhere. And maybe it’s our pumpkin spice addiction or our love for watching pottery makers on YouTube, but we instantly fell hard for it. However, it wasn’t until spotting the mural in this amazing room makeover from the blog Wit + Delight that we truly realized how versatile (and feminine!) this hue can be.

Stefani Hodzic, editorial director from Wit + Delight, saw the untapped potential in Cavern Clay and couldn’t wait to get really creative with it. “In person, I feel like it isn’t as bold as one might think, but it gives you that warm and cozy feeling,” Hodzic tells us. She followed her intuition and teamed up with local pattern studio She She to create the amazing floral and female figure pattern on the focus wall — a major statement that reminds us of the art of Georgia O’Keeffe. “The theme of the redesign was always bohemian wanderlust, and the She She gals kind of took that and ran with it when they began creating a few different color-toned mock-up murals for the new room,” Hodzic explains.

Working with such a bold color can be daunting, so Hodzic confined it to one accent wall and left the trim a bright white. Paradoxically, creating a pattern on the wall actually helped tone down the hue. “I made a note of how important it is to include a little bit of cream, sand, and ivory tones in with the darker/brighter pops of color,” she says. “The lighter tones make the room feel fresh and clean; they balance the space out and don’t weigh the color scheme down with a heavy, dark feel.”

Naturally, the plant theme pervades the space. “I put together a collection of eclectic yet complementary plants and planned to insert earthy elements into the space whenever I could,” Hodzic says. Souvenirs from destinations near and far paired well with the exotic flavor of the accent wall. “[The homeowner] Kate had just visited New Mexico, and I had recently visited Morocco, so a lot of the inspiration you’ll find in her room refresh was based around our previous travels,” according to Hodzic.

The final touches included some amazing textiles and, of course, fresh flowers to echo the botanical motif. “We finished this look off with a batch of white hydrangea picked fresh from Jenny’s garden that morning. The flowers made the room feel very Better Homes & Gardens, which I loved,” says Hodzic. Simple bedding and a few well-placed accents finished out the room, but the mural wall remains the hero of the transformation. “It truly felt like a brand-new space that was warm, tranquil, cultured, and sophisticated!” Hodzic recalls.

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(Images via Wit + Delight)