Grab Your Gang and DIY This Epic Wonder Woman Costume for Halloween
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Grab Your Gang and DIY This Epic Wonder Woman Costume for Halloween

I’m going to be honest: I probably wouldn’t have seen the new Wonder Woman movie if it wasn’t for my boss Brit writing on Facebook that Wonder Woman was just Beyoncé in movie form. So then I had to go see it. Wonder Woman is a badass feminist babe who isn’t out to condemn men, but to fight for acceptance and equality. She has a huge heart and is always looking out for others, but she’s also fierce and powerful. This vibe that she embodies was all learned from her Amazon tribe, who knew she was a special power and trained her to become who she is today. Talk about loyal friends! We teamed up with Misty Spinney to create this *epic* Wonder Woman group costume for Halloween this year — check it out below.

Wonder Woman Costume

Alright ladies, dressing up like Wonder Woman was pretty much like dressing up as Beyoncé :) Wonder Woman does it all — she’s a peaceful diplomat and a raging warrior. In the new 2017 movie, they revamped her retro outfit into a fiercely sexy yet strong and powerful piece that enhances her inner strength. The base of the costume was built off of a Bslingerie Wonder Woman Corset ($30) that I embellished with red, gold, and blue leather.

Accessories are key to Wonder Woman’s outfit. Use gold Duck Duct Tape ($3) to create the detailing on knee-high red boots. Don’t forget your lasso of truth, California Costumes Shield ($14), sword, and Mattel Wonder Woman Head Piece and Arm Bands ($6).

Makeup: Keep your skin glowing with a shimmering highlighter on your cheekbones. Bronze your cheekbones and apply a charcoal smokey eye. For the lips, keep a peachy-neutral hue.

Hair: Back-comb all your roots and then place the headband on. Pull out some hair to cover the band in the back and then place small and medium waves that work away from your face. Spray with hairspray, let cool, and then toss and break apart the curls with your fingertips.

It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world. — Wonder Woman

Amazons Costume

Makeup Tips for the Amazons: Keep your skin glowing with a shimmering highlighter on your cheekbones. Bronze your cheekbones and apply a soft bronze, smoldering smokey eye. For the lips, keep a peachy-neutral hue.

The Amazonians are tall, strong, beautiful badass ladies that rule the land of Themyscira, otherwise known as Paradise Island. They formed their own society and cultivated a world where no men are allowed.

These outfits are all crafted with strong materials — leather, laced-up detail, metal, and fur. We purchased a Charmian Corset ($74) from Amazon and then built the skirt and cloak from leather, fabric, and fur scraps. Don’t forget your Shoe’N Tale Knee-High Laced-Up Sandals ($29) and your Amscan Sword ($17).

Hair Tips: First, make a bouffant by back-combing and pinning the front part of your hair up. Make small messy buns going vertically down your head to create a faux hawk. Leave the last section as a ponytail and place some waves into the tail; back-comb for texture.

Amazons spend their life dedicated to protecting their land and are constantly training for battle. The Amazons deserve a big round of applause, because they helped shape Wonder Woman into the hero that she becomes.

Again, this outfit is built off of a brown Charmian Corset ($27) from Amazon and then a skirt and arm bands made from leather scraps. Go the extra distance and purchase this epic Ghoulish Productions Shoulder Armor ($40) and Breckelles Lace-up Sandals ($17) to reveal your inner Amazon.

Hair Tips: Back-comb the top center part of your hair all the way down to the nape of your neck. Use a firm hair spray to keep in place, and then pin as you create a larger, more dramatic faux-hawk silhouette. Then place small inside-out French braids with the sides of your hair so that all your hair ends up being pulled back into the faux-hawk. Place the braids from both sides over the hair in the back and tie together at the nape of your neck.

The Amazons fight for peace, equality, and tolerance. These women were created from the souls of unjustly killed women and are given the chance to come back to life to defy not only the gods, but the men who killed them in the first place.

We ordered a bunch of corset pieces from Amazon and mixed and matched to create all four Amazon looks. The neck piece on this costume is from the corset in costume one. Next, we used a gold Alivila.Y Corset ($40) and added leather and paint to create strong lines to emphasis a woman’s curves. Finish up the costume with a skirt made of leather strips, a Rubies Sword ($13), and tall gold boots.

Hair Tips: Make your bouffant in the front and add some messy buns down the center of your head, stopping at the middle of your head. Then add some small inside-out French braids on both sides of your head and pin them into the messy buns. Go rogue with your curls and make this hair larger than life by back-combing into the curls. The bigger the better!

One of our favorite facts about the Amazons is that they’re immortal and never age. Can you imagine how crazy that life would be?! Fierce, strong, and sexy forever.

The last Amazon costume is made with a Camellias Waist Corset ($27) and brown tank top. We found this epic HaoLin Leather Shoulder Piece ($92) from Amazon, but it’s an investment. Cut a brown long-sleeve shirt and add leather detailing to achieve the same effect for less money. Create a skirt from leather scraps and complete the look with tall boots and a Rubies Shield ($26).

Hair Tips: Back-comb your entire head at the roots to create volume. Then smooth over hair by gently combing over the outer edge. Mold and pin the center vertical part of your hair back to create another variation of that faux-hawk look. Place your headband on and use a small ½-inch barrel to put random bends in your hair, leaving some strands straight. Add a little texture cream and shine serum as you tousle your hair with your fingers.

Gang up and get ready to battle.

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Hair and Makeup: Misty Spinney

Models: Brittany Griffin, Lindsey Graham-Jones, Elena Buenrostro, Lexy Kelley

Photography: Brittany Griffin, Anita Yung, and Kurt Andre

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