Scarves, sunglasses, cords, jewelry… if you’re in need of some major accessory organization, you’re going to love our next DIY hack: the Wooden Bungee Wall Organizer.

This project is uber easy and produces quite a beautiful result. The wooden element takes the quality of everything up a notch and helps to make this object perfect for both guys and gals alike.


bungee cords (red, yellow, blue)

– wood stain (golden pecan, jacobean, sedona red)

– 3 2-foot hobby boards

picture hanging kit


– drill

– lighter

– stapler

– hammer

This is project best completed outdoors. Not only does the wood stain need ventilation, but those wooden dust particles that come from drilling can be pretty pesky.

First, drill two holes in each hobby board. Use a drill bit that is as thick or slightly thicker than the size of your bungee. We got these hobby boards for $5 a pop at Home Depot. The great thing about these is that they’re light and easy to work with. Plus, they don’t require any sanding. Score!

Now it’s time to add the wood stain. Use a rag or paper towel to stain each piece of wood. Let dry for 10 minutes or so.

Cut the hook off your bungee cords. Use a lighter to seal the ends so the cording doesn’t fray. Then pull through the hole you just created and staple to the board. A staple gun would work best for this, but we hacked it up and used a regular stapler combined with a hammer.

Stay with us, you’re almost done!

Use a standard picture hanging kit to add wire to the back of each caddy. Then simply hang.

This project is perfect for hanging accessories, jewelry, cords, towels, dog leashes… let your imagination run wild! I’m personally so in love with it, that I am considering adding some to multiple rooms in the house. Wouldn’t this also make for a fun housewarming or wedding gift? Nothing says love like a handmade organization tool! (We’re only half joking. We <3 organization.)

Give it a shot! We promise you won’t regret it.

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