The guiltiest of pleasures is a fast food hamburger and lord knows there have been some insane hamburgers crafted over the years. Today we think we may have found the craziest yet, a behemoth that combines all that is good and greasy.

Ladies, I give you the Peace Day Burger:

The Peace Day Burger is a a ginormous food monster that combines elements of Burger King, Giraffas, Krystal, Denny’s and Wayback Burger in between two buns. Earlier this year Burger King playfully asked McDonald’s if they wanted to make a collab burger for this day called McWhopper and Mickey D’s was like “nahhh.” According to Burger King’s (hilarious) Twitter feed, other chains reached out and decided to put aside their respective burger “beefs” for one day to make this crazy beast.

This burger looks tasty, like the perfect antidote to a hangover, but that’s not even the best part. The burger was actually created to bring awareness to the International Day of Peace, a day that promotes understanding around the world. All of the burger brands involved in this project are working on social media today to spread awareness of the World Food Programme, an organization currently working to feed refugee children. Good burger and a good cause? Sign me the heck up! We’ve all eaten burgers for worse reasons.

The Peace Burger itself is only available today at a pop-up in Atlanta, GA (1122 Northside Dr. to be exact) but you can still donate to the good cause.

What fast food collab would you be stoked to see? Tell us in the comments!

(Images via @BurgerKing)