Weaving has had a major comeback in the last year, with macrame taking a front seat in window displays and the more densely woven wall hangings making their mark on Pinterest boards galore. We’ve gotten our hands on all kinds of materials to make woven goods, and today is no exception. We’re taking the technique and applying it to jewelry making. Check out the tutorial below to make your very own woven necklace. Talk about a statement necklace!



– cardboard

– embroidery floss (available at Michaels)

– gold chain

– jump rings and a clasp

– gold seed beads

– gold jewelry wire


– tape

– scissors

– jewelry pliers

– jewelry cutters

– embroidery needle



1. Using a piece of cardboard that is 2 x 3 inches, cut slits about one centimeter apart along the 2-inch sides. Choose one color of embroidery floss to thread the loom. Place the floss in the first slit, then string it to the slit directly across from it. Go back up to the slit next to the first, and and continue this pattern until the loom is complete. Tape the loose ends to the back of the cardboard.

2. Thread your floss through your needle and start weaving. The first line will be over, under, over, under. The second line will be under, over, under, over.

3. Thread beads onto your needle and weave them into the loom.

4. Once you reach the end of the cardboard, cut the strings on the back of the loom and knot the strings into pairs.

5. Create small tassels and attach them to the bottom of the necklace. Trim accordingly.

6. Use jewelry wire to attach the weaving to the chain.


Start by making a loom. Though wooden looms are nice, all you really need is a piece of cardboard and some embroidery floss (which you can get in SO MANY COLORS over at Michaels). Snip small slits in your cardboard piece and then wind the embroidery floss through the loom as demonstrated in the photo above. Be sure to tape the loose ends to the back.


Pick a color scheme for your necklace. Line up the embroidery floss to get a visual of what the pendant will look like. Then it’s time to start weaving. Follow the under-over pattern moving back and forth along the loom. Change colors as you like and add gold beads for a little extra shine.


Now you might be thinking, “How am I supposed to get my little piece of art off the cardboard?” Simply snip the embroidery floss on the back and gently pull the thread from the slits in the cardboard. Then tie the floss together in pairs.


It wouldn’t be a Brit + Co project if we didn’t add some tassels to this baby. Choose a color and create tassels to add to the bottom edge of your weaving. Not totally clear on tassel-making? Check out our amazing video demonstration here!


Once you’ve be-tassled your pendant, trim the top threads and then add the findings to turn it into a real-deal wearable weaving.


Cut a piece of chain the length you desire and then cut four small pieces of jewelry wire. Use the wire to connect the chain to the weaving and then the chain to the clasp and jump ring.


So precious! Like Gollum-style precious. We love it that much!


We went for a long necklace, but you could also put it on a shorter chain. Pair it with a plain shirt, blouse or sweater so that it can steal the show.


What other weaving projects are on your list? Share them with us using the hashtags #iamcreative and #britstagram.

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Chris Andre