Thanks to Niantic closing up a security loophole, the聽Pokemon GO craze looks like it might be more than a flash in the pan.聽In the past week the game has dominated the App Store charts, we鈥檝e heard it all 鈥 from relationship woes to engagement rings聽to聽the聽woman who caught her boyfriend cheating thanks to the app. But聽this latest news takes the cake for craziest Pokemon-related news.

Sharing details

Apparently there is now a market for Pokemon chauffeurs. Yes, that鈥檚 exactly what it sounds like.聽People are paying other people to drive them around and play Pokemon GO.聽Because the entire game is played while out and about, it鈥檚 not the ideal game for anyone who prefers to sit still. But if you have enough money, you can pay someone to drive you around slowly and pretend that you鈥檙e walking around when really you鈥檙e just sitting in the back of a car.

The only qualifications to become a Pokemon chauffeur are knowledge of the best PokeStops in town and ownership of a car. One driver, interviewed by Tech Insider, charges $30 per hour for his services. Included in that price are not only the drive around but a charge for your phone and access to Pokemon 鈥淟ure Modules.鈥 Although we don鈥檛 see ourselves shelling out money for our own ride around town,聽we鈥檙e starting to consider a Pokemon Chauffeur sesh the perfect gift for the person聽who has everything.

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(h/t Tech Insider, photo via Getty)