Maybe this sounds familiar: You stroll in 20 minutes after work starts because, surprise, you left your apartment just a liiiittle too late again. Another scenario: Your pals are all waiting for you to meet them for bottomless mimosas and maybe some delicious quinoa cake bruschetta (is it brunch yet?!), but you underestimated how much time it would take to arrive and, yep, you’re tardy for the party. Before your besties kick you out of your weekly brunch or you get another warning from your boss, here’s an awesome Google Maps trick that will ensure you’re always punctual.


Google Maps allows you to map out your commute (yes, even for public transit) based on when you’d like to LEAVE and when you’d like to ARRIVE. Pretty sweet, huh? And yes, iPhones and Android-users alike can use this hack to stay punctual.


All you have to do is open your Google Maps app and map directions to your destination. (For this example, we’ll be using public transit.) Tap on the public transit icon, then tap on the blue bar that reads: Arrive at *fill in the blank*.


This should bring up a screen that allows you to select what time you’d like to depart. You can also choose when you’d like to arrive — say 11am for Sunday brunch.


Select “Done” and voilà! Your friends are going to be so happy with you ;)

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