Now that spring weather feels like it’s here to stay, it’s prime time for a big spring clean. After you’ve done a rejuvenating closet purge and spruced up your living room, why not put a finishing (and rewarding!) touch on your space with some fresh unicorn roses or an on-trend fiddle leaf fig tree? Not only are they going to freshen and brighten up your place, but it turns out they might actually be good for your mental health.

A new study by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that women who live in or near green spaces have a chance at a longer life span and improved mental health (the study DID include those living in urban spaces, as well). Of course, living near trees isn’t quite the same as cramming one into our apartment, but having plants indoors has its own host of benefits too.

You probably already know that carbon-dioxide sucking plants can improve the air quality of your home, but did you also know that they can improve your concentration, boost your productivity, and even contribute to creativity? Several studies over the years have also shown lower levels of anxiety and even lower blood pressure among people who keep plants in their homes. Time to place another succulents Amazon order, stat.

If you’re looking for the plant that’ll give you the cleanest air (and therefore best benefits) for your buck, NASA (freaking NASA!) has spent time studying which plants are the best for air purification, and you can find them right here. Happy plant hunting!

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