There are countless health benefits of practicing yoga. At the same time that it gives you enviable toned arms, yoga helps improve your mental health (and say buh bye to your worries for at least an hour). But though you may swear by your daily om session, going through the same flow day after day can get kind of boring — even if you’ve found the right yoga type for your personality. But we’re here to help you mix it up. Get ready to have the most zen week ever with these seven diverse YouTube yoga workouts that’ll keep you interested in the practice every day of the week.


1. 60-Minute Heavenly Flow: You don’t have to skip your workout to have a niiiiice lazy Sunday. If your day is totally open (beyond brunch, of course), take advantage of that rare free time with this hour-long routine that smoothly guides you through lots of lengthening and opening twists and extensions. (via Leigha Butler)


2. Morning Vinyasa Yoga Class for Hip Flexibility and Energy: Instead of immediately reaching for a cup of coffee, try getting your Monday a.m. energy surge from these gentle poses. This flow is meant to be done first thing in the morning, and that healthy jumpstart out of bed will set a positive tone for the rest of your week. (via Yoga With Kassandra)


3. 33-Minute Yoga Total Body Workout: Keep channeling that “I’m going to attack this week” feeling into a Tuesday practice that’s a little bit more advanced. Lesley Fightmaster takes you through stretching and strengthening moves to work your entire body. If you prefer silence while you’re trying to achieve absolute focus, then this video, sans background music, is for you. Otherwise, put on some soothing tunes in the background before you start. (via Fightmaster Yoga)


4. 25-Minute Angry Yoga: Let’s be real: Hump Day is a b*tch. If office life is pushing you toward a mid-week snap, take a time-out and release some of that anger with a quick yoga sesh. By the time you’re done, you might even throw that passive-aggressive note to your lunch-thief into the recycling can. (via BrettLarkinYoga)


5. Power Yoga Workout to Stretch and Strengthen: The week is almost over! All you have to do is get to about a million more deadlines. If you’re short on time and need to cross a lot of things off your to-do list before you coast on into Friday, try this quick, 10-minute yoga sequence. With a heavy dose of plank and warrior moves, this workout gives you maximum total-body results in a minimal amount of time. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)


6. Yoga Workout for Legs: It’s finally Friday, which means you deserve a GNO. Get ready to show off your strong new yoga body (and that sick new suede mini-skirt) with this intense toning workout that uses nothing but your own body weight to sculpt the thigh-muscle definition of your dreams. (via Boho Beautiful)


7. Yoga for Hangovers: Well, Friday night was fun. Maybe a little too fun. If your head is throbbing after one too many tequila shots, this gentle flow is the perfect solution. Chug some water and let the healing begin. (via Yoga With Adrienne)

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