Om yeah, baby! Sometimes a serious zen-out is needed. You might turn to yoga, coloring books or, if you’re lucky, a quick beach vacay. But for some of us, leaving the office, much less our desk, isn’t really an option. Have no fear if this is you: Studies have shown that sniffing the Japanese fruit yuzu might have as powerful of an effect as medication.


According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, yuzu, which is akin to a small tangerine or orange, can have super soothing effects on the body. The fruit, whose scent can be described as mix between a grapefruit, mandarin orange, bergamot and lime, has been proven to have antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. For this particular study, 20 female participants in their 20s were asked to inhale a yuzu scent; after 10 minutes, their stress and anxiety were reduced, and after 30 minutes they were significantly lower.

While yuzu has most commonly been used for cooking (chefs love its floral, citrus flavors for vinegars and sweets such as jellies and cakes), it might be the next big thing in aromatherapy. The Japanese have actually known this for centuries and have been taking traditional winter solstice baths with yuzu since the mid 1700s and have promoted mind and health using yuzu for a long time.

Tell us if you’re already hip to yuzu in the comments and what you use it for!

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