Summer is just around the corner (insert open-hands emoji here), and with it comes some of our very favorite things: fros茅 pitchers, striped espadrilles, and pool parties. Ever since Taylor Swift Instagrammed herself and now-ex beau Calvin Harris atop a swan-shaped pool float back in 2015, kitschy-cool floaties have become the go-to summer accessory for anyone with an Instagram account and bikini. But with so many options available nowadays, a woman has to wonder: What鈥檚 my pool-floaty personality? To narrow the pool of options, we thought it would be helpful to suggest the perfect pool float for each zodiac sign.

Taurus聽(APRIL 20 鈥 MAY 20)

1. Swimline Summer Daisy Pool Float ($11): Simple earthy pleasures tend to make you happiest, Taurus, and what鈥檚 perkier (or more down-to-earth) than a daisy? You鈥檒l find comfort in this flower鈥檚 bright, peaceful vibes and ample sitting room.

Gemini聽(MAY 21 鈥 JUNE 20)

2. Big Mouth Double Cherry Pool Float ($30): Your dual nature is hard to contain, Gemini, which means you may want a pool float built for two. If you are willing to share, this double cherry float is the perfect spot to spend hours lazily making circles in the water with your BFF, talking about everything under the sun (we know how much you love to chat!).

cancer聽(JUNE 21 鈥 JULY 22)

3. FUNBOY Metallic Seahorse Pool Float ($99): Cancers tend to let their emotions build up inside, so you might be in dire need of a pool day. Why not let your floaty do the hard work for you this summer by choosing an extra-large lounger? It鈥檚 time to let go and relax! And as the zodiac鈥檚 cardinal water sign, we already know how much you dig the ocean and its creatures.


4. Urban Outfitters Margarita Pool Float ($26): The only place that makes you happier than the pool is the middle of a party, Leo. Channel your fave festive cocktail every day while you sip on a matching drink in this over-the-top float.

Virgo聽(AUGUST 23 鈥 SEPTEMBER 22)

5. Big Mouth Avocado Pool Float ($25): We all know you鈥檙e a perfectionist, Virgo, and we can鈥檛 think of a more perfect food than an avocado, which is why we think you should get on the avo pool float train. Beloved, sweet, and fulfilling, the avocado totally vibes with your service-oriented, earthy disposition.

libra (SEPTEMBER 23 鈥 OCTOBER 22)

6. Pizza Slice Pool Float ($31): As the great diplomat of the zodiac, you鈥檙e never happier than when everyone else is happy. So it鈥檚 only natural you should get yourself a pizza pool float, since pizza is scientifically proven to be the most well-liked, all-inclusive food to ever exist. Plus, you can share a slice with your friends, thus feeding your innate desire to be surrounded by the ones you love most.

Scorpio (OCTOBER 23 鈥 NOVEMBER 21)

7. FUNBOY X Smashbox Metallic Lip Float ($79): As the sexy sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, it鈥檚 obvious we had to give you the sexy lip pool float collab that overtook Coachella this year. It鈥檒l satisfy your passionate side and allow you to indulge in pink La Croix cocktails as you float the day away.

Sagittarius (NOVEMBER 22 鈥 DECEMBER 21)

8. Swimline Everything Bagel Pool Float ($42): Ever the student, you鈥檙e constantly pursuing expertise and knowledge, Sag. Well, guess what? We鈥檝e found enlightenment and it comes in the form of a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese. It鈥檚 a perfect combination of sweet and savory, hot and cold, and chewy and creamy, making it the perfect pool float for your happy heart.

Capricorn聽(DECEMBER 22 鈥 JANUARY 19)

9. Big Mouth Bling Ring Pool Float ($20): Status and success mean a lot to you, driven Cap, so we know how much you love a good piece of bling. Show off the fruits of your hard work with a blinged-out pool float this summer. A diamond this big is sure to stun even the most discerning #girlboss.

Aquarius聽(JANUARY 20 鈥 FEBRUARY 18)

10. Sunnylife Rose Gold Swan Pool Float ($70): You鈥檙e a unique, independent force, Aquarius, and you have a tendency to strive for the ideal in all things. It just so happens that the swan is considered one of the most beautifully rare birds on the planet 鈥 making the rose gold pool float the best choice for your summer fun.

Pisces (FEBRUARY 19 鈥 MARCH 20)

11. Unicorn Pool Float ($90): There鈥檚 an otherworldly, mystical quality that surrounds your everyday. If any sign believes in unicorns, it鈥檚 you, Pisces! A unicorn pool float will show your summer houseguests just how much you love to daydream, you imaginative soul, you.

Aries聽(MARCH 21 鈥 APRIL 19)

12. Kool Pool Gold Chain Pool Float ($30): By now, most people know not to mess with you, fierce Aries. But just in case those bros at the next pool party are getting fresh, you can let 鈥檈m know what鈥檚 what with this dope gold chain pool float. Your powerful, confident self deserves a piece of (plastic) bling this big.

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