10 Movies to Stream When You Aren’t Busy With the Olympics
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10 Movies to Stream When You Aren’t Busy With the Olympics

Get ready for the Olympics to take over your life for the next couple of weeks. In fact, it’s already started. But if you’re lacking in athletic interests — or if you’re just at the limit of your Olympic intake — streaming services across the web are all offering a great variety of movies this weekend. We’ve rounded up 10 gold medal movies so you can spend less time debating options and more time watching. Now if only binge watching was an Olympic sport…


1. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure on Hulu and Amazon: If you’re in need of a history brush-up, or maybe just a Keanu Reeves brush-up, stream this 1989 classic. Or get sent away to military school. (Photo via IMDB)

2. Clerks on Hulu, Amazon and Netflix: This black-and-white comedy was actually made in 1994, although it may look much older. The story about a pair of friends keeping watch over a convenience store is hysterical, thought-provoking and a classic buddy convo flick. (Photo via Miramax)


3. Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie on Netflix: This new satire from Funny or Die stars a virtually unrecognizable Johnny Depp as, you guessed it, Donald Trump. The 50-minute movie will remind you just how quickly the presidential election has changed in just a few months. (Photo via Funny or Die)

4. Legally Blonde on Hulu and Netflix: There’s nothing like a strong dose of girl power to get you through the weekend. If you need to power through something, put on Elle Woods studying for the LSATS to give you the motivation you need. Now, bend and snap! (Photo via MGM)


5. The Matrix on Amazon: The second Keanu Reeves film on this list puts the actor in an entirely different role. Watch it IMMEDIATELY if you haven’t yet (it’s referenced all the time), or just re-watch it over and over again until you finally understand what’s happening and who’s actually in the real world. (Photo via Warner Bros.)

6. The Little Prince on Netflix: This touching animated flick, based on the classic French children’s story, takes the well-known characters and gives them depth — literally. It’s beautifully animated and written, and will remind you just how magical the world can be. (Photo via Netflix)


7. Chasing Amy on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon: Ben Affleck plays a man who falls in love with a lesbian. When the film came out in 1997, it was a gritty and boundary-pushing look at sexuality. It’s great to watch it now and see how far we’ve come in less than 10 years. (Photo via Miramax)

8. Lars and the Real Girl on Hulu and Amazon: One of RyGos’s more quirky roles features him as a man who finds his dream girl in a blow-up doll. It’s poignant, clever and — somehow — incredibly romantic. (Photo via MGM)


9. Cloverfield on Hulu and Amazon: When Cloverfield came out in 2008, it’s all anybody could talk about. The found-footage thriller just hit Hulu, and it’s just as thrilling as it was eight years ago. Just remember to take motion sickness medicine before you watch it this time. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)

10. The Virgin Suicides on Hulu and Amazon: Deep, terrible secrets lurk underneath the prettiest facades. One of Sofia Coppola’s first films as a director remains a classic today for its portrayal of teen depression in suburbia. Plus, it’s just shot sooooo beautifully. (Photo via American Zoetrope)

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(Featured photo via American Zoetrope)