It’s no secret that cool offices and amazing professional perks, like a three-day work week or the green light on napping at work (okay, okay… how about great parental leave and a solid WFH policy?), can help seal the deal when it comes to deciding on a job you’re already interviewing for. But which companies do people *actually* want to work for the most? LinkedIn’s first-ever Top Attractors list gives us a true glimpse into the most popular companies to work for around the world. Read on to see which ones appeal to you before you get your resume ready — there are plenty of career-changing companies to pick from!


Top 5 Dream Companies

Well-known tech giants like Google and Facebook round out LinkedIn’s list, but for seriously good reasons. These companies are fair, offer tons of room for growth, major WFH and vacation flexibility and the perks that have proven to keep people really happy.

1. Google: With an emphasis on work-life balance, an unparalleled opportunity for growth, super smart coworkers and insanely innovative offices all over the world, we totally understand why Google snagged the top spot on the list.

2. Salesforce: Steady company growth and gorgeous, modern offices are only two of the notable things about life at Salesforce. The one that rules them all? We think it’s the major focus on employee health and wellness. Turns out, the team actually consulted with monks when building mindfulness areas around the building. That’s some serious zen.

3. Facebook: Connecting the world is no small order, and being a part of the team that helps make it happen is an amazing way to spend your professional time. In addition to heaps of more standard benefits, like free food and creative spaces to GSD, Facebook also offers an impressive four months of paid parental leave to ALL employees around the globe.

4. Apple: Super secret, top-notch projects, talented people and tons of flexibility round out Apple’s list of company qualities that attract star employees. Just as fantastic, the company has made a HUGE push to diversify its global team by hiring 65 percent more women in the last year. That’s what we like to see.

5. Amazon: Seattle-based Amazon pays a whopping 95 percent of tuition for in-demand fields as part of the Amazon Career Choice Program, which is just one benefit to working for one of the world’s most successful Internet companies. Other benefits include WFH flexibility and permission to bring your pup to work. Awwww.

More Amazing Perks


These companies may not have landed among the top five, but each offers an unbelievable perk that truly sets it apart. Hear us loud and clear when we say not to overlook these gems when you’re searching for cool openings online.

1. Accenture: Taking care of moms and their families is a top priority for this global operations company. Accenture actually ships breast milk for nursing mothers who are traveling, an incredible perk we’ve actually *never* heard of before.

2. Airbnb: Travel lovers are a perfect match for this innovative hospitality startup, as each employee gets a quarterly travel stipend to stay at Airbnb properties around the world. Have heart eyes? Us too.

3. Netflix: If you’ve totally mastered adulting, Netflix could be a fab place for you to work. The company says it only hires “fully formed adults,” which comes with the benefit of building your own schedule.

4. Pandora: The Oakland, CA music-streaming giant offers a great benefit for employees with big hearts — each person at the company gets 40 hours of “VTO” (Volunteer Time Off) each year to commit to their fave causes.

5. PwC: The respected, international professional services network (long name: PricewaterhouseCoopers) offers employees the option to create compressed work weeks, which is great if you like to work longer hours and fewer days each week (and enjoy a long weekend!) With the HQ in London, England, PwC has tons of multilingual work opps spread out around the globe.

Spy an opening for your dream job at one of the companies on the list? LinkedIn career expert Catherine Fisher says the top things you can do to majorly impress a hiring manager are to understand the company, express your passion and be true to yourself. And, like with *any* interview process, remember to cross your T’s and dot your I’s — thinking ahead and being super prepared is always a smart move!

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