It’s true. Just about everything you see in the photo collage above was made with either a CD or a CD case! You knew you were saving all those old jewel cases, CD-R spindles, and AOL CDs for a reason. For today’s repurposing project, we decided to revamp the traditional vanity or dresser. If you don’t already have a zone in your bedroom, bathroom or closet carved out for putting your best face forward, let this be the inspiration.

Jewel Case Planter

First off, let’s get a little extra oxygen in the air by way of some greenery. Find a potted plant that looks good, smells good, or both, and it will surely refresh you each morning.

To create the planter, we used a similar method to our DIY Floppy Disk Planters. Glue the edges (with a multi-purpose adhesive like E-6000), press together, and let dry overnight. Add extra glue from the inside of the box planter to seal up any holes. Un-pot your plant, repot it, and you’re done. We added stones at the bottom for a bit of extra weight.

Desk Organizer

Now, let’s get those documents in order! Gather up some of your most prized CD cases (read: best looking or most nostalgic covers), and get ready to glue.

We glued two cases together at the bottom to act as the base. Then add 3-5 standing up using the same multi-purpose adhesive. Let set overnight and voila! And if you don’t have your old cases or don’t like the covers, grab a magazine and customize in a way that works for you.

CD Clock

What time is it? It’s time for… a Hitch Clock, of course! Maybe our obsession with Will Smith is a bit over the top but you’ve gotta admit this is a sweet little clock.

The clock kit we used is the same style as our Book Clock. To make the stand for the CD, we used washers, bolts and two screws as pictured above.

Custom Makeup Palette

Remember our awesome DIY Makeup Palette? Make a mini one in a jewel case so you’ve got all the colors you need in a small, sleek case.

Dangly Earring Holder

That old fabric jewelry box just isn’t cutting it for your super long dangly earrings these days. This caddy is just the thing to add to your jewelry zone. We placed ours on a cupcake pedestal for a little extra height.

Simply take the clear round top of a CD-R spindle and get to work with your spray paint. And spray paint that spindle while you’re at it.

Spindle Bracelet Caddy

Were you wondering why we had you spray paint that spindle? Ta-dah! An easy peasy bracelet caddy perfect for Cozy Winter Cuffs, Wrap Bracelets, and any other chunky cuffs you’ve got kicking around your vanity area.

Mosaic Mirror

Love the mosaic style but aren’t jazzed on the idea of breaking a mirror? CDs to the rescue!

To break CDs, boil a pot of water and then place in a mixing bowl. Place the CD in for about 5 minutes so that it softens. Then you can use scissors to cut any shape you like or simply break it up with your hands. And yes, good ventilation is necessary for this one (though we didn’t actually smell any fumes).

Prism Pendant

It’s still pretty awesome that the backs of CDs have a prism-like quality. The combination of shininess and metal can’t resist but turn into a rainbow. Capture that ephemeral color in a pendant with this fairly simple DIY.

You’ll use the same boiled water method. Take out the CD and use scissors to cut out a shape or two that you like. To make sure the edges of the CD pieces don’t flake off or scratch, seal each side using Stained Glass Foiling Tape. Once you have your pendants, you’ll need to make holes to attach your chain. Heat up a large needle and you should be able to simply poke however many holes you need in each pendant piece. Attach a chain with needle nose pliers, add a clasp, and you’re done.

Changeable Picture Frames

True. All picture frames are changeable, but you don’t even have to take these off the wall to change them! Simply print your favorite photos, cut to size, and slide into old jewel cases.

We used double stick mounting tape to attach to the wall.

Easy Circular Bunting

We like our garlands and buntings as easy as pie, but cutting out perfect circles is nearly impossible, especially out of a heavy fabric or paper. Again, old CDs to the rescue!

Simply glue decorative paper or fabric to CDs using spray adhesive. Use a Xacto knife or sharp scissors to cut around the CD so you get a perfect circle. Add letters if you like. Then use curtain clip rings to attach to string or fabric.

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