For a couple years now, the one piece has been back with a vengeance.

Well, we've got a revelation for you. When treated as a piece of clothing, the one piece can be a bodysuit, tube top, undershirt, tank top, and, in some cases, a full on mini-dress. When Old Navy asked us to build an outfit based around their new swim collection, we couldn't resist the opportunity get our style on. Here are 10 totally different looks, all made with Old Navy's Control Max Halter in Royal Rowena (just $40 online!).

For each look, we've included links to recommended items from Old Navy for recreating the look. The clothing and accessories in the photos below are meant to provide inspiration for creating your own series of looks, and are not all available at Old Navy.

1. Boho Cocktail Dress
 If you're not up for buying a bunch of brand new dresses for summer weddings, it's time to get scrappy. We took a sheer gauze white skirt, topped it with a tight aztec mini, and finished the whole thing off with a large braided belt. Best of all, if you're at an event near a pool or ocean, you can easily go for a late night dip.

2. Fresh Linens
 We love linen clothes in the summer time, but they are definitely on the see-through side. The royal blue looks particularly lovely with white linen trousers and a tied up button down.

3. Coffee Shop Chic
 Gotta log a few hours in at the coffee shop before heading away for a beachy weekend? Throw a vest, scarf, and tote over your suit and denim shorts and your coffee-drinking cohorts will be none the wiser.

4. Turquoise Neutral

As you can tell, we're big on the "add a pop" mentality of putting together an outfit. This is a great outfit if you need to be ready for anything. Heading to a festival? Turquoise pants make you easy to spot. Got dinner plans after the beach? This neutral sweater is the perfect layer for an evening out.

5. Color Block Prepster

Yeah yeah yeah, you get that we're really into color blocking. Why not throw a brightly colored tank under your one piece? Complete the look with khaki shorts and a classic pair of boat shoes.

6. Fedora & Hoops

We also like to call this look "Mary J. Brit." Admittedly, we put this together while listening to Mary J. Blige so we might be biased. This turns your one piece into a form-fitting tube top. All you need is a fedora, a pair of big statement earrings, and wide leg denim trousers and you're good to go.

7. Hustle & Flow
 The hustle's in the tough-girl aviators, military boots, and dark denim skinnies. The flow is in the gorgeous lace wrap and romantic faux bob (how-to here). You could even rock a look like this in the fall.

8. Black, White & Blue
 Feeling patriotic but want to keep things on the more subtle side? Black capris and a white vest are a perfect way to rock your swimsuit if you've gotta put in a few hours at the office before taking off for the weekend. Add a bold red lipstick to take this look into the evening realm.

9. Gallery Girl
 This one's inspired by a recent art opening we attended for the launch of Minted's Art collection. Have you ever noticed how gals at art openings always tend to look effortlessly chic? This is also a solid look for a date night, especially if you plan on going for a dip in the Pacific in the wee hours on the night. We recommend a slightly tapered black pant for this but, if you feel like rocking flats, standard black trousers will do.

10. Dorothy Goes To Vegas
 What you're seeing is real. This swimsuit can turn into a full on mini-dress. We know. It's kind of insane. Channel your inner Dorothy by pairing your suit with a plaid shirt (perhaps, a men's shirt?) and glam it up with a pair of nude heels.

How you do dress up a one piece when you're heading to or from the beach? Let us know your styling ideas in the comments below!

This post is underwritten by Old Navy. Whether you're looking for a tankini, bikini or a one piece, Old Navy has you confidently covered at a great price.