So, festival scene kicks off with Coachella in just a few short weeks. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to music lover’s paradise, the good news is… free wireless for all! Yup. They’ve fixed the connectivity bust that plagued last year. The bad news is, even though they’ve banned selfie-sticks, the insta-snaps will be out of control. Unless you and your gals can sweet-talk a Blade pilot into winging you right up to the grounds, the hours of slogging through cattle fencing before you even get there, followed by the long haul back when it’s all over, are going to take a toll on your look. Don’t let ’em catch you with your braids down. You need a hairstyle that takes only minutes to fix, and re-fix, and is also laid back enough to survive in style all the way up through the after-scene parties. Here are 18 five-minute hairstyles, from loose braids to messy buns to half-up/half-down styles perfect for festival.

A music festival isn’t the only venue where you can rock a boho hairstyle. Any laid-back, chill style that looks better the messier it gets works for us IRL, too. Boho hair requires nothing more than a simple braid or two, which is as easy to pull off in your own bathroom as a festival campground. And, bonus — messy twists, braids and buns come together even easier with second-day hair; the natural oils that accumulate actually help give body to those braids. So whether you snagged Coachella tickets or not, you can strut your stuff festival-style anytime. Here are 100 of the most pinnable braided hairstyles.

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