We couldn’t let 12/12/12 get away from us without joining in on all the fun! After all, this day isn’t going to come again for nearly 100 years! Would it be totally nerdy of us to tell you that we wanted to publish it at 12:12pm? In honor of this Triple Dozen Day, we thought we’d start wrapping up 2012 with a dozen of our favorite apps, products and DIYs from the past year.

It was incredibly hard to choose just twelve and for that reason, we want to prep you to expect a few more Best of 2012 posts — there was just too much awesome in this year for one. In fact, we’d love for YOU to tell us what you think were the best apps, products and DIYs of 2012. Shoot us a note on Twitter or to hello@brit.co if you want to place your votes! For now, enjoy the official Brit + Co. look back on another fantastic year.

12 Apps: First, our favorite mobile and web apps (aside from the Brit + Co. app, or course!) that made 2012 even better than 2011.

1. Pinterest: This one is pretty obvious. We’re loving the addition of secret boards! Be sure to follow us for DIY inspiration and all the latest Brit + Co. projects.

2. Calvetica: Next to Fantastical, this is definitely the prettiest and fastest iPhone calendar app around. Plus, a play on the words calendar and Helvetica? Win.

3. Exec, TaskRabbit, and Postmates: It’s hard to pick just one outsourcing company, so we’re including all 3. These make it easy to have someone run all those errands you can never find time for. Plus, we’ve used TaskRabbit to help us build Brit Kits!

4. Spotify: From collaborative playlists to the ability to save tracks for offline listening, we don’t know what we would do without Spotify.

5. Flipboard: A simple, beautiful way to follow your favorite blogs, websites, and social media feeds.

6. Evernote: When Evernote teamed up with Moleskine, we knew we had to give this app another chance. Turns out, it’s ridiculously awesome for keeping all your thoughts, lists, random notes organized.

7. Path: Sure, we’re biased on the Path front, but this year’s updates have made the intimate social media experience bucket loads better.

8. Letterpress: The only mobile game more addictive than DrawSomething.

9. Cinemagram – Cinemagram makes your photos move… like a GIF!

10. Waze: When you’re stuck in traffic, why not get a better route? Waze lets you get the best route from real-time help from fellow drivers. Amazing.

11. Circa – Founded by our friend (and Brit + Co. male model), Matt Galligan, Circa’s editors gather top stories and break them down to their essential points, formatted specifically for the phone.

12. Ziplist – Hands down the easiest grocery list app around, plus it turns your favorite Pinterest recipes into shopping lists.

12 Products: Next up, products! Gadgets, kitchen tools, and chargers made this list, as well as the silly but incredible Ostrich Pillow.

1. 3D Printers: Cube + Makerbot are just two of the 3D printers out there, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one in 2013.

2. Big Jambox: You know we love it. Plus, check out how to hack yours for on-the-go rocking.

3. Mini Cookie Cutters: We’ve used our set of mini cookie cutters in many a recipe.

4. Nike Fuelband: Definitely a hot item of 2012, we love the Nike Fuelband for tracking activity as well as Nike+ integration.

5. Evernote Moleskine: More Evernote! This smart notebook is specially designed to work with Evernote. Simply snap pics of your drawings and notes, and the app interprets them in digital form.

6. Versalette: Because we love styling things in 10 ways, this garment can be styled more than 20 different ways!

7. Backup Battery Chargers: From the Mophie keychain charger to a purse that includes a wireless charging dock, this year has been all about the backup charger.

8. Swing Table: Though we don’t have one of these at Brit + Co, we’re definitely saving up.

9. Ostrich Pillow: Nap at your desk? No problem.

10. Brit Kits: Shameless self promotion? Don’t mind if we do! But seriously, these kits make DIYing oodles easier.

11. iPad Mini: It’s the iPad, but more mini! Obviously we love. (P.S. Have you checked out the Brit + Co. iPad app yet?)

12. Strawberry Huller: Ok ok, we know this isn’t brand new but it seems like 2012 was the year of the strawberry huller (and melon baller) at Brit + Co. Spiked Santas or Strawberry Cheesecake Shots, anyone?

12 DIY Projects: And finally, our favorite and most popular DIY projects from the past year.

1. Zipper Bracelets: Who knew zippers could be so chic? This tutorial also happens to be our most popular post… ever!

2. LED Balloons: Consider yourself a hostess with the mostess? Light up your next party by filling balloons with LED lights! (Don’t know where to find LEDs? Get our LED Balloon Kit!)

3. Sponge Manicure: Ombre. Nails. What more do you need to know?

4. 20 Ways to Repurpose Yoga Mats: After a good power wash, put that old yoga mat to good use!

5. Custom Camera Strap: Toss that boring black strap aside and use keychains, scarfs, and belts to create your own.

6. Braided Necklace: This tutorial came from rifling around our craft closet for inspiration. Turns out, odds and ends like ribbon, chain, and shoelaces can come together quite beautifully.

7. Beach Wrap: Turn any yard of fabric into a chic beach wrap. It’s a cinch!

8. Chocolate iPhone: Recently featured in The Startup Chef, the moment when we realized silicone iPhone cases could double as chocolate molds was pure gold.

9. Duct Tape Feather Earrings: You know you want a pair! Head to the shop for a DIY kit or a quartet of readymade earrings.

10. 20 Ways to Repurpose Sweaters: More repurposing! This time, your old sweaters are at bat.

11. DIY Glitter Heels: Perfect for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve.

12. 10 Ways to Style a Men’s Shirt: Finally, more a hack than a step-by-step tutorial, learn how to turn a men’s shirt into a strapless sundress and more.

And that’s a wrap… for now!

What apps, products, and projects inspired you in 2012? Tell us in the comments below.