First of all, a play on the words calendar and Helvetica? Instant win with us here at Brit & Co.! Secondly, Calvetica takes all of your various calendars, throws them together in an incredibly easy to use and nice to look at interface, and allows you to add new events with just two quick taps.

If you're already attached to your iPhone's built-in calendar, fear not. Calvetica syncs flawlessly with your existing calendar, and happens to make it much, much better. The interface is uncluttered and minimalist, but also shows you everything you need to know.

Like with any calendar, you can view a month at a glance or a day at a time, you can easily add repeating events, share events over email or MMS directly from the app, and can search for an event if you've forgotten when a specific dinner or birthday party is scheduled for.

Instead of creating a million alarms in your alarm clock app or built-in alarm, use Calvetica to create multiple alarms that repeat over time, if needed.

You can create reminders just like a normal Google calendar, but then you can actually "snooze" the events as they come up. By snooze, we mean you can say "tell me again in 10 minutes" or however many minutes works for you. You can view all of the event details right in the app, and make edits as needed.

Calvetica is $2.99 in the App Store, and it's a $2.99 well-spent if your iPhone is your connection to everything going on in your personal and professional life. It's certainly cheaper than a Moleskine or Filofax from the '90s. Besides, any product where a listed feature is "Helvetica" is pretty awesome in our book.

Do you have a calendar app you love using? What do you think of Calvetica? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or find us on Twitter.