All the power outages that have come as a result of Hurricane Sandy had us worried about folks on the east coast, and also got us to thinking. So many of us are almost completely reliant on our smartphones, tablets, and laptops for constant communication but almost none of us have a backup power plan.

For the next time your power source might be threatened, here are 15 chargers for keeping all those screens bright.

The first half of these gadgets require power to charge, making them good to have plugged in at all times so they are ready to go as backup power when the lights go out. For those that rely on solar power, simply keep them in a sunny part of your apartment so that they too are charged up and ready to go in case of a power outage. And one depends on your ability to crank… ;)

1. Mophie Charging Case ($57): The easiest way to keep your phone juiced up is to keep powering it up throughout the day. The Mophie case keeps your phone fully charged and can easily charge other phones of the same generation.

2. Keychain iPhone Charger ($35): This is one in the Brit & Co. Survival Kit, for sure. Next time your iPhone falls into the red, plug in this mini battery and you’ve got 30% more juice.

3. Juice Pack Powerstation ($130): If a keychain and case aren’t quite enough, go for Mophie’s Juice Pack Powerstation. This is portable power wherever you need it for anything that charges via USB. This is great for travel as it is both dust and water proof and looks just as extreme as your hiking, climbing and camping gear.

4. Everpurse ($129 and up): Still in the production phase, Everpurse is a purse that charges your phone! For more on Everpurse, check out our recent article.

5. Powerbag ($140 and up): That’s right. A backpack that carries power! The Powerbag charges just like any regular device and then is ready to power all your other devices throughout the day. It can accommodate up to four devices at once, and even includes a package of standard charging cables. Check your bag’s power level throughout the day, and rest assured that your batteries have a backup plan!

6. Backup Laptop Battery ($120): As far as backup laptop batteries go, a good one is definitely hard to find. This lightweight number is around the same dimensions as your laptop but thinner than a No. 2 Pencil (as described by Hammacher Schlemmer). It can power your laptop for up to 3 1/2 hours, and provides to supplemental devices via USB.

7. Hyperjuice ($300) For even more power, go for the HyperJuice. This powers a MacBook and 2 iPads (or any other USB devices) at the same time. Its got up to 18 hours of laptop power in one charge, and 50 hours for iPad. Amazing.

8. Eton Mobius iPhone Solar Case ($80): You may recall this little darling from our Solar Power Hour. If cords aren’t your style and you want to bulk up your iPhone with some solar energy, the Mobius is your jam. Now you can keep your iPhone powered up anywhere the sun shines.

9. Solar Joos ($149): This solar panel is all about devices. It charges phones, music payers, tablets, and has even been known to power a small fridge! It won’t work with your computer, but the rest of your tech is covered. It works in realistic light condition (aka a cloudy day won’t take your power away) and is waterproof.

10. Eton Red Cross Self-Powered Radio + Charger ($40): This little device packs a punch. It’s an AM/FM radio, flashlight, and charges any of your devices that connect through USB. If the sun isn’t out, “crank” it up!

11. ReVIVE Solar External Battery Pack ($28): You’re probably catching on to the fact that USB ports really make power possible! This is another one that connects via USB and is powered by the sun.

12. Kudo Solar iPad Case ($180): Charge your iPad while you’re on it with this suntastic case. Protection and power? We’re in.

13. Solar-Powered Kindle Case ($80): Or if you prefer the e-ink screen of the Kindle, go for this case and charger combo. It also includes an LED light for reading in the dark.

14. Sunny Is Power Solar Travel Charger ($26): A decidedly analog-looking piece, this whimsical USB ready charger by ModCloth asks “Watt would you do without tunes on your weekend-long trek?” We recommend storing it in the sunniest spot of your apartment, so its locked and loaded for your next getaway.

15. Voltaic 1015 Switch Solar Bags ($129-$189): But how will you carry all these sun-powered accessories? Why, in a solar powered backpack, of course! The backpack comes with 11 standard adapters including a car charger socket and USB adaptor. The three solar panels are tough, lightweight, and waterproof, and generate up to 4 watts of power.

For more powerful tips (hehe), be sure to check out our post on Battery Life Savers for tips on how to get the most out of your smartphone battery.

What are your tricks for keeping devices powered? And for preparing for power outages? Share your insights and suggestions in the comments below.