You know we’re a little color-obsessed here at Brit HQ, so holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are pretty much our jam. Here are a dozen recipes from the Brit + Co. archive that are all about color, color, and more color!

1. Dip Dye Cookies: Color block your sweets? Yes please!

2. DIY Sugar Cubes: Did you know that it is insanely easy to create your own custom-shaped colorful sugar cubes? All you need is sugar, food coloring, a teeny tiny bit of egg whites, and your favorite mini cookie cutters.

3. Trix Treats: These were gone in a matter of minutes here at the office. So. Much. Color.

4. Ombre 4th of July Cake: Go ombre or go home! Right?

5. Chocolate iPhone: Turns out, Airheads double as the most perfect candy mobile apps around. We probably need to make an iPhone 5 update soon… ;)

6. Custom Candy: If you want to create special shamrock, bunny, or easter egg candies for upcoming celebrations, grab cookie cutters, Jolly Ranchers, and bake it up.

7. Party Popcorn: Add a little pizzazz to your popcorn with candy melts and colorful sprinkles.

8. Short Stack of Stars: Got a birthday breakfast on the horizon? Or just feel like a silly morning meal?

9. Color Wheel Cake: Forget about making “just a slice” – use this handy cake pan to make one slice in every color.

10. Easter Egg Pops: Easter eggs, Vitamin Water, and striped straws. Done.

11. Funfetti Macarons: It might be a stretch to call these little darlings macarons, but we’re loving this sandwich-y take on funfetti cake.

12. Fruity Cupcake Rainbow: For a sweet St. Patrick’s Day dessert display, arrange cupcakes into a rainbow and top with all sorts of colorful fruit. But don’t forget about that pot of gold!

What are your favorite colorful recipes? Talk to us in the comments below.