Our wrapping move today is a super simple one that adds a playful element of personalization to all of your holiday gifts. Forget fancy wrapping, just look to the alphabet! We found three types of letters that make personalized gift wrap a cinch, making it so your gift tags double as wrapping. Bonus points if you can throw in Twitter handles instead of names!


poster letter pads

alphabet foam stickers

create your own banner kit

– colored paper

– sharpie

– glue stick

Instructions for this are ridiculously easy! The foam letters we have are adhesive so you simply pull off the backing, stick on, and you’re done. We added a strip of colored paper underneath so that the recipient can easily remove it and keep their name still in tact – in case they want to save it for their desk or bulletin board. We used sharpie to draw an “@” sign on a contrasting piece of paper, cut it out and glued it on.

The poster letter pads we used are pretty awesome. They’re like post-its and each letter peels off to reveal other colors of the same letter. Add a glue stick to the mix, stick onto your gift box, and there you go!

For our last alphabetical wrapping job, we simply strung a single letter from acreate your own banner kit. This, of course, only works if you have a small family with all different first initials. For larger gifts, you can spell out full names and the recipient can keep it as a keepsake for their door or over their desk.

How do you personalize your gift wrap? We’d love to hear from you: hello@brit.co.