Duct tape is a DIY dream. Its a perfect mix between fabric, paper, and adhesive. And, with 3M’s vibrant palette of bright colors, patterns and neons, it’s a great material for just about any craft project.

For our duct tape wrapping job, we went with simple gift sleeves. These work best for flat presents like journals, books, iPhone cases, etc. Of course you can always get a gift box and duct tape it up for those more dimensional holiday items.


– 1-3 rolls of duct tape (hot pink, tangerine orange, green apple)

– black shoelaces, yarn or ribbon

hole punch

– 1 catalog or a few sheets of paper

First, rip out two pages from a catalog, one for each side of the sleeve. Trim down the pages if the gift you’re wrapping is smaller. Leave between 1-1.25” around the perimeter of your gift. If your gift is larger than one catalog page, tape two together and do the same for each side. Cover with tape going in one direction. If you chose a catalog page with a pattern or image you like, one layer of tape is fine but a second layer will give you a nice solid neon sheet.

Press the sheets together and trim off excess tape. Then tape three sides together and again, trim off excess. Punch two holes in the top, string your shoelace (or black ribbon or yarn) through, tie in a bow, and there you have it. Flare things up by adding a strip of contrasting duct tape, a duct tape gift tag, or draw all over the sleeve with a Sharpie.

If you’ve got duct tape-tastic wrapping ideas of your own and want to share, send them over to hello@brit.co.