Now that you’ve picked out your perfect grill, it’s time to get yourself to the beach! When we saw this wrap in the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog we knew we had to make it, and we knew we could make it rock. Head to a fabric store or grab a scarf you never wear, and get ready to wrap it up.


– 1 yard of fabric

– lace trim, ribbon, shoelaces

– sharp fabric scissors

– sewing machine or needle and thread

First, gather your materials! For your fabric, we recommend lycra, spandex, sheer mesh, or anything else that doesn’t fray when you cut it, but use whatever you like!

We employed two different methods for creating our beach dress. One where you use a strip of fabric to make shoulder straps, and one where you use lace trim. We’ll start with the fabric on fabric variety.

Cut a strip off one end of your fabric. We recommend using the crevice of a table or drawing a pencil line with a ruler to get a straight cut. Set the strip aside.

Next, fold over the top two corners of your piece of fabric. This is where you’ll string the strip through to create a strap. Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to sew the corner. Trim off any excess fabric.

Now it’s time to string the strip through! Use a safety pin or paper clip and attach it to the end of the strip. Push it through opening you just made. Keep going until it comes out the other side.

Sew the loop ends together and cut off any excess fabric.

Repeat with the other side, and you’re done!

And here’s how you put it on.

Cutie patootie from any angle!

We used the same method with this peacock print, but shortened the width of the fabric to create more coverage up top. ;)

For our second method, we complemented fabric with lace trim.

Measure the trim by draping it over your shoulder.

Cut two pieces for each strap, and pin the trim onto the fabric.

Time to sew!

For these, we sewed on some additional lace to create a tie in the back so it stays on more securely.

Loving it!

We used the same steps for this purple leopard print scarf, an old H&M purchase. The only difference is that we folded it in half to create an extra layer.

And there you have it. Two easy ways to turn any piece of fabric into a sexy, stylish beach wrap!

How do you get beach-ready for summer? Got a DIY towel bag we should check out? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter. We love to hear from you!