At Brit & Co., it’s pretty obvious that we firmly believe that geek is the new black, whether it’s another day in the office or a weekend at the beach. But, if you plan on wearing more than a tech-infused bikini on a daily basis, you may need some more ideas. And since we don’t condone wearing a pantsuit with QWERTY-plaid, you’ll have to settle for more understated fashion choices. So, without further ado, we’re pleased to bring you a dozen pixelated fashions for geeky guys and gals.

1. Pixelated Blue Heart Earrings ($10): These geeky earrings are perfect for framing any techie’s gorgeous visage. You can trust us, we’re sort of experts on the whole geek accessories scene.


2. Pixelated Glasses ($377): These 8-bit inspired frames are available in no lens, clear lens, and shaded lens options. The DIY-er in all of us can appreciate this hand-crafted look.


3. Pixelated Glam Heels (Not available yet): When in doubt, you can always count on Japan to throw a bit of crazy fashion at you. These densely pixelated heels by Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga are nothing compared to her mask collection.

4. Pixelated Invaders Tights ($24): Forget about wearing your nerd love on your sleeve! Adorn yourself from hip to toe in these pixelated invaders tights. See also: Tetris Leggings.


5. Stolen Jewels Necklaces (Not available yet): A gorgeously innovative statement necklace that’s also pixelated? Well done Mike & Maaike.


6. Pixelated Necktie ($30): Nothing says “Happy belated Father’s Day!” quite like a tie that hurts your dad’s eyes. If your old man has more utilitarian sensibilities, he may like this Brit fix for the everyday necktie.


7. Pixelated Pantyhose (Not available yet): And they probably won’t be for a while since this looks to us like just another clever photoshop hack. Perhaps a DIY is in order?

 8. Pixel Posey Necklace ($25): Designer Irina Blok marries nature and technology in this lavender-colored flower necklace. The lace strap and silver clasp make the posey bloom really pop!


9. Space Invaders Ring ($316): If Brit decides to make a run for it as a tough female rapper (Related: The Fresh Princess of Weduary), you can bet she’ll be rocking the nerdiest bling around. First on her list? A Space Invaders-themed stainless steel ring, of course.


10. Pixelated Pencil Skirt ($515): This two-tone pencil skirt combines simple floral prints in black and white with a super abstract pixel pattern that merely suggests floral undertones. We love it.


11. Ironic Sans Pre-Pixelated T-Shirt ($27): Save your reality TV producers some time by buying your clothing pre-censored. Speaking of nerdy wearables, check out our whole roundup of t-shirts for the Facebook generation.


12. Pixelated Watch (Not available yet): Take a simple goal like telling time and pair it with a simple design that incorporates very low resolution to get this retro timepiece on a black plastic band. Zack Morris definitely would have rocked this.

How do you let your geek flag fly? Let us know which of these pixelated fashions is your favorite in the comments below, or say over on Twitter or Facebook. And, as always, may the force be with you. ;)