It’s no secret that one of the first places we turn to for inspiration is Pinterest. When we come across any kind of material and start brainstorming, we often head to Pinterest to see if our idea has been done before, or if there are all sorts of other ideas we haven’t thought of yet.

Case in point for today is the doily. Whether you call it a doiley, a doilie, or a circular piece of lace, you’ve likely seen one of these little darlings and maybe even set a dessert table involving many. We’re pumped to give props to all our fellow DIYers out there, and are totally impressed by these 15 DIY doily projects. Stay tuned for our own collection of DIY doily goodness in the weeks to come.

1. Painted Packaging: Love this use of doilies as stencils. This could work with paper doilies as well but they might not hold up quite as long. Could also try with any kind of lace fabric or trim. (via Mamas Kram)

2. Fabric Doily Bowl: Create a bowl for delicate things like necklaces and wedding invitations. So lovely. (via Design Sponge)

3. Lacy Envelope Liners: We’re not suggesting this as a DIY for all your wedding invites, but maybe a few select ones. ;) (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

4. DIY Vintage Doily Necklace: We love love love this one! It’s a statement necklace and a delicate piece of history. This involves a vintage fabric doily found at a thrift shop, regular necklace chain, and a bit of handiwork. (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

5. Upcycled Doily Lamp: We’ve seen this one and ones similar to it kicking around the interwebs for a while. It’s fairly simple to make and is a great accent piece to a modern or rustic living room. (via Shannon South)

6. Doily Jar Luminaries: You didn’t think we’d get through a DIY roundup without mentioning a mason jar, did you? Silly! (via Crafts by Amanda)

7. LED Jar Lights: Or go a little more modern with LED lights and more cylindrical jars. (via Kootoyoo)

8. Doily String Lights: For a simple way to add a little dimension to those Christmas lights, add doilies! (via It’s Pretty Light)

9. Doily Stenciled Pumpkin: With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve got our eye on all sorts of hacks for decorating pumpkins. This is definitely going on our list. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

10. Vintage Doily Runner: Also included in our roundup of ways to use lace for weddings, this table runner is a beauty and totally unique. (via Ashley Ann Photography)

11. Doily Bunting: Bunting is one of our favorite ways to create last minute decorations for any size event. Use paper or lace doilies to mimic this gorgeous number found on Etsy. (via Bunting Boutique on Etsy)

12. Doily Dream Catcher: Leave it to the girls at A Beautiful Mess to give doilies a decidedly bohemian look. We adore this dream catcher. (via A Beautiful Mess)

13. Doily Notebooks: An easy way to add a little pizzazz to your run of the mill notebook. These ones in particular are screenprinted with a doily design, but you could easily just glue a paper one on as well. (via Cozy Blue on Etsy)

14. Doily Canvas Art: Another way to use doilies as stencils is with a good old fashioned can of spray paint on canvas. (via Shey B)

15. Doily Pom Poms: So cute and so colorful!! (via Emmaline Bride)

Which of these projects is your favorite? Have you made anything of your own using paper or fabric doilies? Talk to us in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.