Lace. Simple, elegant, and classy. Your veil is likely made out of lace, your garter has a frill or two of lace here and there, and your dress quite possibly has a few layers of lace in the mix. But, what happens when you add lace to an array of non-traditional wedding DIY projects? Hip trendy gorgeousness, with just the right touch of old world romance.

1. Add a Touch of Lace to your Boutonniere: Go to your local fabric store, and pick out your favorite lace trim at about 1 inch thick. Get about a quarter of a yard, and fold it back and forth accordion-style. Take the bottom bunch of lace, fold it in half and stitch together (by hand or machine) to create a “bunch” at the bottom. Then attach it to your boutonnieres. (Left photo: Braedon Flynn. Center photo: Etsy. Right photo: Source unknown.)

2. Use Lace Trim as a Table Runner: To mimic this first runner, you can buy 8 inch thick lace at any trim or fabric store. If you find the kind with one straight edge, use two pieces of lace and put the back ends together to create a 16 inch thick table runner. A lace runner looks particularly lovely on a rustic wood dining table. (Photo: Annie McElwain)

For this one, simply layer lace fabric over burlap to create an earthy romantic look. (Photo: Etsy)

And for the third DIY, find lace doilies and mix with trim to create a mix-n-match runner. Doubles as a gorgeous country runner for your table at home, as well. (Photo: Ashley Ann Photography)

3. Make a Lace Chandelier: For the first style, start by buying an embroidery hoop. Take out the center of the embroidery hoop and hang or tie several different types of lace in varying thicknesses and lengths. You can hang it by tying twine in three places even placed on the hoop then tie the three strips of twine in a knot at the top and attach to a ceiling hook. For the second option, you can use several embroidery hoops and a brightly-colored lace trim of your choice. (Left photo: Gabriel Ryan. Right photo: Etsy.)

Or go modern and use doilies or cut out paper to create this crisp, clean, Scandinavian-style chandelier. (Photo: Scandinavian Design Center)

4. Add Lace Details to your Cake: Ask your baker to replicate the look of antique lace or crocheted lace through the art of fondant icing. Then your baker can layer it on your cake to really add a wow factor to your desserts! (Left photo: Martha Stewart Weddings. Right photo: Real Simple.)

(Photo: Gabriel Ryan. Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop)

5. Accessorize with Lace: For the bracelets, buy some cheap plastic bracelets or bangles that are at least 1 inch thick. Find lace that is double the thickness of your bracelets. Measure the perimeter of the bracelet and cut the lace accordingly. Line the inside of the bracelet with a line of hot glue. Place the lace over the bracelet and fold into the inside of the bracelet carefully securing the edges to the hot glue on the inside. For the earrings and bracelet, go to a fabric or trim store and buy sturdy colorful lace trim. Attach it to earring hooks or a necklace chain, and it’s as simple as that! (Left photo: Country Living. Top right photo: Etsy. Bottom right photo: Etsy.)

6. Lace Tea Lights: Add some romance and beauty to your run-of-the-mill tea lights!. Buy some inexpensive lace paper doilies at any arts and crafts store and cut them in sections. Use Mod Podge and completely coat one side of one section of the doily. Then secure straight onto the glass candle holder. Add details like patterned paper, ribbon, twine, or charms to personalize your tea lights even more. So easy and fun! (Top left photo: Etsy. Top right photo: Mint Design Blog. Bottom left photo: Etsy. Bottom right photo: Slightly Obsessive Bride.)

How might you get creative with lace on your wedding day? Tweet ideas our way and we’ll see what we can do.

Jesi Haack is the Owner and Lead Designer behind Jesi Haack Design. She has worked with clients from all over the globe including Miley Cyrus, the writers of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and Kadee Strickland of Private Practice. Her signature is creating stylishly dramatic events that capture the flair of each of her wonderful clients and creatively communicates their story to their guests.