Teeny tiny versions of pretty much anything are adorable. So with crocheting picking back up just in time for fall, it’s time to put your needlework to the test and whip up some *tiny* crochet DIYs. Aside from being seriously SO cute, they make stylish mini party favors, great sprucer-uppers for the home and adorable holiday gifts for the #squad. It’s no surprise that their compact size and uber cute details make them a *big* hit. Appeal to your appreciation for miniature-sized goodies and try your hand at these tiny crochet DIYs that are almost too cute to handle.


1. Cactus: If you’re a fan of plants but can’t be bothered to care for one, why not go with a crocheted cactus? Thankfully, you won’t need a green thumb to host this adorable succulent in your home. It’s the nightstand sprucer-upper that requires NO maintenance — making it a must-have for your home! (via Oomanoot)


2. Cupcakes: Bust out this batch of cupcakes for a centerpiece to your party’s dessert table, or as a playful kitchen countertop display. Because these li’l guys are sugar-free, there’s no harm in whipping up more than a dozen, if you wanted. (via Happy Guppy)


3. Lovebirds: Knit these lovey dovey birds for you and your S.O. Turn them into keychains for practicality or ornaments to hang from your Christmas tree this year. (via Hello Yellow Yarn)


4. Pumpkin: This stitched pumpkin is way too cute, which means your friends will surely appreciate it too. Spread its cuteness by giving it away as a party favor for any fall equinox, Halloween or Thanksgiving get-togethers you host. (via Stitch Craft Create)


5. Pancakes: Turn your love for pancakes into a tangible form as these itty bitty woven pancakes. Though you can’t eat them, they’re *almost* as pretty a sight as the real thing. Give them to someone with kids, and watch their eyes light up when they plan their next tea party. (via Mollie Makes)


6. Woodstock: You can’t go wrong with this cheeky little bird. After you finish weaving your favorite Charlie Brown character, add string to give a touch of personality to your school bag. (via All About Ami)


7. Owls: These mini crocheted owls are a *hoot* to look at and marvel over. Just add some string to turn it into a fall-themed keychain. (via Akamatra)

8. Pumpkin Pie: There aren’t many things cuter than this miniature slice of pumpkin pie. That’s why you should gift it to the cutest peeps you know by giving everyone in your #squad a slice to complete a whole pie! (via Ice Pandora)


9. Fox: If your little one is as naughty as a baby fox, consider making them this mini crocheted toy. It’s the soft, comforting plush toy that speaks to their mischievous tendencies. (via All About Ami)


10. Jack Skellington Keychain: The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic, so there’s no way a Jack Skellington keychain will go unappreciated. Make a few to hang from a garland as Halloween decor or stick it on your keychain to show appreciation for your favorite spooky childhood film. (via Little Things Blogged)

11. Hedgehog: Hedgehogs are super cute in real life, but this DIY one is a pretty strong contender for next-best thing. Be sure to make this li’l guy if you love the real thing or know someone who does. (via Pops de Milk)


12. Cheeseburger Keychain: If you’ve got a deep-seated love for a patty and two buns, this cheeseburger keychain is the way to go. All that’s missing is a keychain set of fries to match. (via Hello Yellow Yarn)


13. Mug Ornament: Can’t go anywhere without your cup of coffee? You’ll feel the same way about this teeny tiny mug ornament once you make it. Add a bit of string to secure it onto your pencil case or wallet as a cute reminder of your favorite pick-me-up. Hand these out as favors at your Gilmore Girls reboot watch party. (via Hands Occupied)


14. Panda Hand Warmer: As cute as it is practical, this panda-inspired hand warmer is a must-have for the colder months. Before sealing up your panda pouch, fill it with uncooked rice and a few drops of lavender oil. (via Oh! Villo)


15. Deer Ring: Flaunt your fall style with this adorable woven deer ring. They’re so itty bitty, which is just another reason to make them for all your friends as inexpensive and thoughtful holiday gifts. (via Kreativbúehne)


16. Robins: You know how the saying goes: Birds of a feather flock together. So make these matching robins as tiny tokens of your friendship if you and your BFF couldn’t be any closer. (via Crafty Queen)


17. Scarecrow: Get in on the fall harvest theme with this mini woven scarecrow. He’ll make a cute and cheery addition to any desk — just look at that cheeky smile! (via All About Ami)


18. Zombie: With Halloween fast approaching, the timing of a knit zombie couldn’t be more perfect. Turn it into a Halloween ornament OR treat your Halloween party hostess to this uber cute and tiny surprise. (via Pops de Milk)

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