Whether you’re picking out party favors for a summer wedding or spring party, there’s no going wrong with ones that are itty bitty in size. They’re compact, easy to carry and a great idea, especially when it comes to making a bunch for a large group. Plus, there’s just something about miniature-sized gifts that your friends can’t help but smile and marvel over. For your next summer party, appeal to your guests’ love for adorably miniature zen gardens and teeny tiny eggshell planters with this list of 23 creative and charmingly tiny gift ideas.


1. DIY Watermelon Piñata: If you’re thinking about throwing a fruit-themed fête, you’ll definitely want to invest some time in these mini watermelon piñatas. To make, you’ll need cardboard, black card stock and various colored crepe paper, streamers or tissue paper. Go the extra mile and fill ‘em up with watermelon candies. (via Shoes Off Please)

pom pom pushpins

2. DIY Pom Pom Pushpins: Fuzzy pushpins are the office accessories everyone didn’t know they needed. Their tiny plush aesthetic can liven up any drab workspace. (via Babiekins)


3. Mini Zen Garden: Get some peace of mind from looking for gift ideas with this mini zen garden. Pro tip: Before adding in your pebbles and sand, you’ll want to superglue any mini accessories (like pink flamingos) to your tray. (via Brit + Co)


4. DIY Mini Macaron Charms: Bet you wish these mini macarons were edible, but they’re way too cute to eat. Screw the bails in prior to baking your polymer clay macarons, if you plan to turn them into wearable pendant necklaces or keyrings. (via Fall for DIY)


5. DIY Foodie Friendship Necklaces: Not all junk food is bad for you (lookin’ at you, foodie friendship necklaces). Every one of these pendants is so cute your friends won’t want to just settle for one. (via Studio DIY)

geometric succulent planters

6. DIY Geometric Succulent Planters: Give your friends something cheery and bright to take home with them, like these DIY geo planters with succulents. They’re great for sprucing up any space for spring and summer. (via Brit + Co)


7. DIY Mini Macrame: Another gift your friends would love to decorate their homes with are these mini macrame hangers. Make your own DIY pinch pots or find them at your local crafts store, then string them up with your super simple macrame DIY. (via Think. Make. Share.)


8. DIY Mini Candy Donuts: These mini donuts aren’t just super cute — they’re actually edible! These tiny candy donuts are made of chocolate and peanut butter chips… uh, YUM. To make your own fresh batch of mini donuts, you’ll need a mini donut silicone mold, which you can find on Amazon for less than $10. Sold! (via Paper & Stitch)


9. DIY Mini Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone Party: These bright and colorful pom pom ice cream cones practically scream summertime. Gift as is, or add an adhesive magnet strip to the back of each (for best results, use super glue) to make them into practical magnets. (via Hello, Wonderful)

diy terrarium

10. DIY Wood Base Terrariums: Gift these awesome wood-base terrariums that look more expensive than they actually are. Made of glass votives and wood veneer edging, this fancy DIY succulent home is one gift your friends will love. (via Project Wedding)

eggshell planters

11. DIY Eggshell Planters: Talk about creative ways to display plants. These mini hanging planters are actually made out of eggshells. To make, you’ll want fresh eggs, fresh flowers and twine. (via Brit + Co)

gilded pineapple pushpins

12. DIY Gilded Concrete Pineapple Pushpins: Pineapples and summer go hand in hand. Send off your summer party guests with the cutest DIY pineapple pushpins ever, using cement mix, a pineapple ice tray and liquid leaf in classic gold. If the last thing your friends need are office supplies, opt for pin backs to make them into cute style embellishments. (via The Proper Blog)


13. DIY Hot Cocoa Vials: Experiment with unique hot cocoa combinations by adding edible lavender or dried orange peel. Whether you decide to mix it up or keep it standard, fill your cocoa mix into a glass vial, cork it and add gift tags onto each saying what flavor it is. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

diy magnets

14. DIY Photo Magnets: If your friends can appreciate a good candid, these Polaroid magnets are *the* gifts to DIY. Personalize each set of magnets with a photo of you and your friend and print out using this neat Polaroid template. (via Sundae Sins)

lightbulb terrarium

15. DIY Lightbulb Terrarium: Lightbulbs, air plants and some string are all it takes to make these cool hanging vases. They’ll add an air of innovative creativity to any space, which your friends are sure to appreciate. (via Clad and Cloth / The Snug)

mini balloons with confetti

16. Confetti & Co. Confetti Stix! ($11, Set of 4): There’s only one thing that’s better than confetti balloons: MINI confetti balloons! Make sure your friends leave your party in style with these fab favors that can be customized to fit your party’s color theme.

mini masterpieces

17. DIY Mini Masterpieces: Unleash your inner Picasso with DIY mini paintings your friends will love. Perfect for a paint-themed party, these miniature masterpieces are a true work of art. (via Project Wedding)

mini pinata

18. DIY Mini Piñata: Let guests take a bit of the party home with them with these mini piñatas. Made of cardboard, tape and tissue paper, these cuties can be filled with sprinkles, confetti or candy. (via A Blackbirds Epiphany)

mini woven necklace

19. DIY Woven Necklace: Use a DIY loom to create tiny woven necklaces or keychains for your friends. This DIY is both adorable and stylish! (via Brit + Co)


20. DIY Potted Succulents: Put a fun twist on classic potted succulents by shrinking them down. Their compact size allows them to freshen up your friends’ tabletops without taking up a lot of space. (via Camille Styles)

tiny books

21. Social Print Studio Tinybook ($15, set of 3): Personalize your gifts by surprising your friends with tiny books filled with Instagram photos featuring your #squad. It’s a cute and thoughtful way to share those meaningful moments creatively.


22. DIY Washi Tape Candy Jars: It doesn’t get much easier than this DIY gift idea. Pick up a few mini glass jars with corks from your local crafts store, wash thoroughly, fill them with small various colored candies and add a fun patterned washi tape to seal the deal. (via Something Turquoise)


23. DIY Mini Flower Bouquets: When it comes to meaningful gifts, giving flowers is always a safe bet. Add a little twist to the traditional gift idea by miniaturizing your bouquets! Bunch a few of your favorite flowers, cut them to the desired length, tie together, add a little bit of tissue paper and kraft paper and tie with string for a super cute and simple gift. (via Homey Oh My!)

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