If you’ve been feeling less than inspired the past few times you’ve wandered into Target, it turns out you’re not alone. According to The Buisness of Fashion, the big box retailer has reported a slump in sales over the past few months. Without a super buzzworthy collaboration in the works (like last spring’s Lilly Pulitzer + Target collection), it feels as thought the fashion department could use a bit of a revamp — and that’s exactly what it’s going to get.

target shopping 1

To combat the sluggish past few months, Target is making some big changes to their store, and it’s all great news for the clothing section. First, they’ve decided to cut back on the grocery selection to open up more resources to improve clothing options.

Piggybacking off a recent makeover of the fit of Target’s denim, the store has also added mannequins to create a more engaging display than the simple hung and folded merchandise that’s currently standard. They’ve also hired experts for most of the 1,800 stores to make sure they’re refreshed with the best merchandise.

target shopping

In addition to making the store look better, they’re also working to produce higher quality goods. By signing with manufacturers and suppliers for longer-term contracts, Target now has the capability to produce better-made pieces at a similar price to what’s currently offered. Throw in an epic designer collaboration to this mix and we’re there.

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(Photos via @targetstyle)