Trying on swimsuits is usually a serious struggle. But if we’re being honest about which garment gives us the most trouble in the fitting rooms, that award would have to go to the denim department. While a style might look awesome on a friend or the store’s mannequin, it can be a totally different story on your figure. It fits great here, but not so much here. If only the hem was a little longer or the rise was a little higher…

As fall starts to make its slow return, we’re beginning to slip out of those sun dresses and back into a cooler weather wardrobe, which likely means a denim shopping excursion. To make that difficult process a little bit easier, Target has given their denim line a complete overhaul. The best part? Every pair is less than $30. This is not a drill, people.


The 66 new washes and 20 different fits are created using a power stretch fabric that forms to the body and has memory built in so they’ll retain that first-day fit and feel. Additionally, they’ve redesigned the pockets so that they’re more raised and angled. You’ll find everything from high-rise skinnies, to jeggings to some wide-legged flares. There is even a super trendy pair of overalls (although, full disclosure, those come in just above the $30 mark).

In a video discussing the new line, Target stylist, Zanna Roberts Rassi explains, “Because Target loves a good challenge, the design team went back to the drawing board, reimagining and re-engineering these jeans all to make the perfect fit and the best denim for every body.” Target, as always, our budget and wardrobe thanks you.

Have you recently purchased a pair or jeans from Target? Tell us how they fit in the comments below.

(Photos via Target and @targetstyle)