Peeps, it’s time to geek out a little. It’s no secret that we have a lot of love for 3D printing, well, everything here at Brit + Co. From roses to jewelry to home decor, we have a special place in our hearts for 3D printers. And while you probably think you’ve seen it all, just wait. Scroll through to check out some of our favorite things that YOU can 3D print.


1. Clothing + Fabric: It’s a fashion girl’s dream come true. The days of not being able to find the right size in stores are over, because you can now 3D print clothes at home with Electroloom. BTW, Aaron Rowley of Electroloom will be at Re:Make 2015! Request your ticket here, but in the meantime, scroll on for your normal programming :) (via Electroloom)


2. iPhone Case: OMG, we’re totally loving this iPhone case. Because mainstream phone cases are *so* yesterday. (via GadgetFlow)


3. Makeup Organizer: Say goodbye to that old, jumbled up makeup bag of yours. 3D print this organizer to keep everything nice and tidy. (via Cult)


4. Christmas Cookies: Yes, you read that right. You can 3D print COOKIES. Have a sweet tooth? You’re welcome. (via Ralf Holleis)


5. Heels: While these might be a tad hard to walk in (we’re just making an assumption), we think they’re pretty rad. When people ask where you got them, you can say you made them. [insert hair flip emoji here] (via Smithsonian)


6. Cord Wrap: We’re big fans of finding new ways of organizing our cords. It’s a never-ending battle to keep them even slightly organized. (via Shapeways)


7. Emoji: Our love for emoji is on a whole other level, so when we saw this 3D printed heart-eyed emoji, we knew we had to include it. After all, we <3 3D printing. (via Shapeways)


8. Tag for Switch Plate: Okay, this might be the most clever thing we’ve seen in a long time. You’ll never have to play that annoying guessing game ever again. (via Cult)


9. Gameboy Button Faceplate: And if *that* wasn’t the most clever thing you’ve seen, this Gameboy button faceplate totally will be. Go ahead, add a little retro flair to your phone. (via Cults)


10. Mini Lamp: Is this a real life version of the Pixar lamp? We’re going with a definite yes, which means we’re totally printing it to add to our desk. (via Makerbot Thinkiverse)

What’s the coolest 3D printed thing you’ve ever seen? Share it in the comments below!